Bethesda CAM Research Center
Herbal Educators comes to you from the Bethesda CAM research centre, a non-profit, youth-focused organization dedicated for the...
A dynamic research institute encompassing basic and translational studies, devoted to understanding the pathogenesis and treatment of cancer
Caucasus Media Investigations Center is regional non-governmental organization (NGO) and head office is located in Baku, Azerbaijan. And we have...
Central Asia Archaeological Group...
Centre for Media Studies
Established in 1991, CMS* is an independent, not-for-profit organization dedicated to research-driven initiatives that enable policy makers to take...
The Centre for Nature-based Climate Solutions is a focal point for world-class research and thought leadership on climate change impacts and solutions in service of society.
The CREDEP was established in 1993, with the Registration for Scientific and Technological Activities No. 28/DK-KHCN dated 18 November 1993 of the...
Our Vision: The Centre for Social Innovation (ZSI) is a self-contained, politically independent scientific institution, asserting leadership in Europe to advance social innovation and foster an overt and solidly united society.
The best university in the northern part of Thailand.
An offshoot of the Center for iPS Cell Research and Application (CiRA), Kyoto University and will take control management of iPS cells, including manufacturing and quality control, acting as a bridge for the transfer of iPS cells to industry.