Applications to join the Oxford Climate Journalism Network (OCJN) now open

The Oxford Climate Journalism Network (OCJN) is a programme that supports a global community of reporters and editors across beats and platforms to improve the quality, understanding and impact of climate coverage around the world. Applications to join the network are now open. Apply by October 2, 2023.

The Oxford Climate Journalism Network (OCJN) works with a global community of reporters and editors across platforms and beats to improve the quality, understanding and impact of climate coverage around the world. The OCJN is a programme at the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism at the University of Oxford.

The mission of the OCJN is to help journalists, editors, and media executives across the world develop their coverage of climate change. Our programme also supports newsroom leaders in identifying and addressing the range of operational, cultural and ethical issues that encompass climate stories and can help expand the coverage of this issue.

It is open not only to science, environmental or climate journalists but equally to journalists of any other vertical who are interested in adding the climate dimension to the topics they currently cover, as well as editors and news media executives. Our working assumption is that climate change is not only a topic but rather a systemic issue that affects all verticals of a typical news organisation, including its culture, lifestyle, health, technology, architecture, food, sports or travel journalism.

Applications to join the network are now open. Apply by Monday 2 October.


What do members do? 

Members of the network will participate in a six-month online programme with access to world-leading experts, dedicated workshops and a community of 100 journalists from all continents.

Please keep in mind that this is an intensive programme that requires member involvement. We expect participants to join a series of mandatory sessions, and we also host a range of optional sessions that help us build our community. Consider this time commitment before applying.  

This is a unique opportunity to join a global network, and learn from peers and academics, while developing your own expertise and career in climate journalism.

What are we looking for? 

Candidates will be evaluated solely on their application form materials.  

We are looking for journalists from all beats, platforms and levels of seniority that are passionate about climate coverage. Successful applicants have included junior reporters from France and Venezuela, editors in chief from Belgium and Tanzania, financial reporters from India and Chile and generalists from the US and Fiji. 

We are looking for clear reasons why applicants want to join the Network and for clear support from the applicant’s newsroom (or editor, if freelance).  

We are looking for both applicants from traditional climate journalism spaces (environment correspondent or climate editor, for instance), but we also want to hear from beats, newsroom roles and regions that are not prioritised in global climate coverage. This includes, for instance, fashion and political reporters, photojournalists and fact checkers, and journalists based in the Global South.  

How do I apply? 

Complete the application form and provide a signed letter from your editor or newsroom manager confirming you have their support in applying for the Oxford Climate Journalism Network. This letter should explicitly state that your organisation will allocate time for you to participate in the Network activities. It can also include information on why your manager thinks you would be suited for this network. This should be in a PDF on company letterhead. 

For complete details about the programme and application process, visit the Application Page.


How to apply: 

Visit the Application Page for more information.