Research Assistant

Are you a biomedical graduate seeking an exciting lab support role? Cancer will affect more than 1 in 3 Singaporeans. At the Cancer Science Institute (CSI), our mission is to better understand the causes of human cancer across Asia, and thereby improve its detection, treatment and prevention. Our outstanding researchers and exceptional facilities create an energetic environment for ground-breaking science and world-class training. A supportive working environment and competitive package together enable each of our staff to realize their maximum potential.

We now seek a Research Assistant to join the team of our new Director, Prof. Ashok Venkitaraman, who has joined us from the University of Cambridge (see This is an exciting opportunity to work in a key role providing oversight, management and support for the research, laboratory and administrative needs of a world-leading cancer research team.


ESSENTIAL qualifications include: (1) a University degree in a relevant field; (2) 2 to 3 years work experience in a molecular biology lab preferably with experience of murine models; (3) basic principles and practices in the fields of biology, physiology and/or chemistry; (4) ability to speak and write clearly in English

 Preference will be given to candidates with knowledge of (i) Principles, techniques and terminology used in cancer biology; (2) Laboratory scientific resource material; laboratory equipment and its care; (3) Methods of scientific research and relevant scientific theories; (4) Government guidelines and regulations pertinent to laboratory safety and security; (5) Packaging and shipping of diagnostic, infectious and hazardous materials; (6) Appropriate computer operations, software and peripherals; (7) General rules for safe exposure and handling of chemical and biological hazards; (8) IRB, OSHE & IACUC regulations; (9) Principles, techniques and terminology used in the examination of clinical and animal samples as well as common lab techniques required for work on laboratory animals

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Management & Oversight:

  • Oversee lab admin in terms of procurement
    • Ensure purchases and orders are made in a timely fashion
    • Ensure procurement procedure is followed - liaising between the vendors and the administrative office to ensure proper purchase requisitions, goods delivery and prompt payment of supplies
    • Track expenditure of purchases on grants and ensure correct apportioning on respective grants
  • Assist senior team member and PI to assign duties and responsibilities to each team member:
    • Maintain list of lab duties assigned to each team
    • Ensure proper rotation of duties assigned
  • Assist senior team member and PI to oversee space in freezers and fridges for lab team
    • work with PI to assign freezer/fridge space to individual team members
    • ensure freezers/fridges inventories are updated accurately and items are disposed of when no longer required
  • Oversee lab team equipment
    • Ensure that equipment is in good working order and maintained and serviced properly
    • Work with senior team member, PI and postdocs to assess needs for new equipment and provide support for procurement
  • Safety & Cleanliness:
    • Ensure that standard operating procedures and safety regulations are followed
    • Ensure the proper documentation of poisons, radioactive material and other regulated chemicals
    • Responsible for the general cleanliness of the lab and proper disposal of chemical waste


  • to carry out assigned experiments and perform biological, chemical, or physical analysis and determinations as tasked
  • to organise, preserve and present the results of the experiments in a logical manner
  • to properly and systematically record all experiments that have been assigned and their results
  • to assist in supervising, training and guiding attachment/undergraduate students where required
  • to perform surgical procedures, geno-typing, post-mortem examinations, tissue collection activities, etc. involving laboratory animals, and when necessary to make injections and dissect animals

Supervising Lab Executives:

  • appraise and review performance of Lab Executives
  • assign administrative duties to Lab Executives
  • train and teach Lab Executives when required


How to apply: 

Please submit applications including (1) a covering letter that explains why you are suited to this post, (2) a detailed CV, and (3) the contact details of 3 professional referees including your last position to:

Cancer Science Institute of Singapore
National University of Singapore Centre for Translational Medicine,
14 Medical Drive, #12-01,
Singapore 117599
Email: [email protected]

Applications will be considered until 16 March 2021 or until the position is filled.

We will only contact candidates whose qualifications meet the criteria listed.

Medicine & Healthcare
Type of position: 
Permanent position