Research Assistant – Prof Lee Soo Chin

Job Description

To provide support to the Principal Investigator in research projects, maintenance of laboratory inventory and administration. Research duties and responsibilities will include:

  • assisting to develop and carry out experiments and performing biological, hemotological, chemical, or physical analysis and determinations as tasked
  • organizing, preserving and presenting the results of the experiments in a logical manner to supervisors or in research meetings
  • assist in supervising, training and guiding attachment/undergraduate students where required
  • performing surgical procedures, geno-typing, post-mortem examinations, tissue collection activities, etc. involving laboratory animals, and when necessary to make injections and dissections
  • cooperate in maintaining and planning for the needs of the lab team as well as to meet administrative duties that are assigned.

Key Responsibilities

  1. To carry out assigned experiments, record, organize and present experimental results in a logical manner
  2. To ensure that standard operating procedures and safety regulations in the laboratory are followed
  3. To assist in supervising, training and guiding attachment/ students if necessary
  4. To plan and ensure overall laboratory administrative needs are met and maintain a systematic and proper record of all purchases
  5. To maintain patient-derived organoids/xenograft lines and keep proper records for all lines established


Honors degree (2nd upper class and above) in Life Sciences or similar field.

Candidates with 3-4 years of experience in a cancer biology laboratory and/or postgraduates will have an advantage.

Job Requirements

  1. Conduct independent reading and literature review to understand the project and the basis of each experiment
  2. Performs experiments, analyse and interpret scientific data independently
  3. Able to multi-task, well organized, and acquire good time management skills
  4. Communicates clearly and effectively in written and oral scientific presentations
How to apply: 

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Medicine & Healthcare
Full time
04 Nov 2022