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17 Sep 2010
The degree of interconnectivity of molecular frameworks in microporous materials influences their structural flexibility and gas sorption
26 Feb 2010
Palladium catalysts containing unique molecular ligands couple aromatic rings together in surprising ways
11 Dec 2009
Combining rare-earth clusters with traditional metal catalysts reveals secrets of chemical transformation
11 Dec 2009
A switch that controls formation of stacks from nucleic acid strands has potential applications in gene expression and molecular machines
30 Oct 2009
‘On–off’ fluorescent probes allow multicolor detection of nucleic acid strands within living cells
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16 Oct 2009
A novel spectroscopic technique reveals a new fundamental property of air/water interfaces
24 Jul 2009
Synthesis of graphitic nanotubes containing platinum metals achieved through self-assembly techniques
03 Jul 2009
A team of RIKEN researchers has synthesized a key fragment of the natural product called physalin B, which shows both antitumor and anti-inflammatory activity. The work will make an important contribution towards the goal of synthesizing the whole compound, which has eluded chemists since its discovery in 1969.
12 Jun 2009
Chemical-induced switching of polymer magnetism achieved at room temperature
15 May 2009
Replacing hazardous solvents with water and improving efficiencies are ways that chemists can reduce the environmental impact of their reactions. RIKEN researchers have developed recyclable catalysts that selectively generate chiral organic molecules in water - a nearly ideal green chemical process.
10 Apr 2009
A first-of-a-kind switch in chemical bonding by a zirconium atom spotted by scientists
27 Mar 2009
A cooperative effect gives rare-earth metal complexes with two metal centers better selectivity than single metal catalysts
13 Feb 2009
Two RIKEN researchers have developed a switch to control the formation and separation of DNA duplexes that may have implications in many biological processes, such as gene regulation.
10 Oct 2008
Carbon dioxide (CO2) is produced whenever fossil fuels are burned. RIKEN chemists have developed a catalyst that should allow carbon dioxide to be used as a versatile synthetic chemical.
23 Nov 2007
A new technique that works at normal pressures shows molecular interactions at liquid interfaces
16 Nov 2007
A novel cyclization reaction is used to make molecules that switch between two different forms by redistributing their electrons
05 Oct 2007
Squashed carbon balls show promising electronic properties
21 Sep 2007
Collective motion of molecules in a crystal could lead to new electronic devices
09 Sep 2007
A three-component catalytic system enables the formation of carbon–fluorine bonds at precise positions in organic molecules


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