Astrophysical Journal


18 Oct 2009
Summaries of papers including Possible multiple sclerosis biomarker, SARS attacking the ribosome, Variants associated with systemic lupus erythematosus, CRLF2 defects in Down syndrome-associated leukemia, Cell softness dictates sensitivity to force, Light vibrations on a chip and Laser recreates conditions near a black hole
20 Aug 2009
Summaries of newsworthy papers A model for drug screening, Biologists napping while work is militarized, Gravitational-wave detectors start to pull their weight, Antioxidants reveal a darker side, Hydrating the mantle, Understanding protein function becomes light work and The indecisive mind
07 Jan 2009
Summaries of newsworthy papers include Stars add weight to planetary ‘law’, New theory of blood cell development, Early crust formation on asteroids? and Repulsive interactions
02 Jan 2009
Summaries of newsworthy papers include Nature goes 3D, How Dark is Your Sky?, Evolution gems, Trapping and transport on a tiny scale, Cell-cycle restriction helps leukaemia stem cells keep going, Squeezed to the limit, Hijacked pathway contributes to cancer spread and power of reputation
19 Nov 2008
Summaries of newsworthy papers: Mixed-up waters influence greenhouse gases, Possible signature of dark matter annihilation?, A role for Rhesus factors, Stripy nanowires fine-tuned, Inflammatory mutation found in liver cancer and Lava dome soufflé
20 Dec 2006
Summaries of newsworthy papers published in Nature on 21 December 2006. Including: Fortnightly tidal oscillations in Antarctic ice stream flow, Starve the tumour, sabotage the blood supply, Gamma-ray burst defies classification, Parasite conundrum solved?, Progeria mutation sheds light on normal ageing, Female meerkats get their claws out ...
15 Nov 2006
Treatments for muscular dystrophy, Five grand challenges for safe nanotechnology, Predicting the endpoint of earthquake ruptures, Infant burial by early modern humans, Discovery may help defeat gypsy moth, Flushing submarine canyons, Graphene in a spin
27 Sep 2006
Methane on the rise?, 1918 influenza virus triggered exaggerated immune response, Malaria riddle explained, Massive stars require gas doughnuts, Extremophile’s extreme repair job, Solid turns into bizarre state of matter, Hot condensation and Silk spun by tarantula feet
31 Aug 2006
Cheap IVF could help tackle Africa's infertility problem, Big bursts from smaller stars, Making light of magnetic resonance, Plankton carbon storage was overestimated
21 Dec 2005
Summaries of newsworthy papers from Nature Vol.438 No.7071 including Dance hall moves show off symmetry and sex appeal and Blast from the past
27 Jul 2005
Humans can learn without remembering; How the Earth's insides stay warm; Genes responsible for breast cancer metastasis identified; The age of the Amazon's breath; Hybridization throws up new animal species; Parasites give caterpillars a taste for revenge
11 Jun 2005
Press release for 19 May issue of Nature. Vol 435, no. 7040


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