Journal of the American Chemical Society (JACS)


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04 Aug 2016
Ribonucleic acid (RNA) binding fluorescent probes have been powerful and important analytical tools for the study of RNA structures and functions.
13 Jul 2016
Scientists at Hokkaido University have developed a series of luminescent compounds that change emission colours upon mechanical stimuli.
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20 Nov 2015
Researchers in Korea have developed a technique that can easily analyze the optical activity of charged compounds by using nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy.
02 Nov 2015
A synthetic process that combines multiple components through quick, consecutive reactions is promising for drug manufacture.
‘Para-shooting’ boron
14 Apr 2015
Tuning the para position of benzene rings is significant for creating biologically active compounds and optoelectronic materials. Chemists at ITbM, Nagoya University have developed a novel iridium catalyst that enables highly para-selective borylation on benzene, leading to the rapid synthesis of drug derivatives for treating Parkinson’s disease.
One-pot selective monofunctionalization of CPP via a chromium complex
26 Jan 2015
A team of chemists at Nagoya University has synthesized novel transition metal-complexed cycloparaphenylenes (CPPs) that enable selective monofunctionalization of CPPs for the first time, opening doors to the construction of unprecedented nanocarbons.
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20 Jan 2015
Researchers at Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) has developed a method to form micropores of less than 2 nanometers within porous polymers.
Synthesis of marine alkaloid, dictyodendrin using selective C-H functionalization strategies
07 Jan 2015
Through an extensive international collaboration, scientists at the Center for Selective C–H Functionalization (CCHF), Emory University and the Institute of Transformative Bio-Molecules (ITbM), Nagoya University have synthesized marine alkaloids with anti-cancer and therapeutic properties through a sequential C-H functionalization strategy.
23 Oct 2014
Miniature two-color barcodes have the potential to combat forgery and track cancerous cells
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14 Oct 2014
An international team of chemists has discovered a new piece to the puzzle of how a powerful base used in organic synthesis, cesium carbonate, plays a pivotal role during a catalytic reaction.
26 Aug 2014
(Tokyo, 26 August 2014) Tokyo Tech scientists synthesize multicyclic type of polymers for the first time offering insights for tailoring polymer properties as well as the mathematics of complex geometries.
30 Jul 2014
A new dye-sensitized solar cell absorbs a broad range of visible and infrared wavelengths.
30 Jul 2014
A modified anticancer drug can simultaneously target tumour sites and show whether or not it is working.
19 Jun 2014
A Japanese research team has successfully demonstrated a new approach toward a non-precious metal oxygen reduction catalyst for fuel cells.
09 Apr 2014
A clever chemical transformation yields surface-bound microstructures that efficiently drive away oil- and water-based contaminants
13 Feb 2014
Nanoparticles with a core–shell structure can minimize the overheating of cells during bioimaging experiments
13 Nov 2013
NIMS researchers elucidated the relationship between the photocurrent and the peculiar changes in the absorption structure occurring in the vicinity of the molecular-electrode interface in dye-sensitized solar cells
TEM Image and Schematic View of conversion
17 Jun 2013
Ulsan, S. Korea, June 17, 2013 - Researchers from Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST), S. Korea, developed a novel, simple method to synthesize hierarchically nanoporous frameworks of nanocrystalline metal oxides such as magnesia and ceria by the thermal conversion of well-designed metal-organic frameworks (MOFs).
24 Apr 2013
Trapping free electrons with polycyclic aromatic molecules creates materials with enhanced optical, electronic and magnetic properties
27 Mar 2013
Defects in metal–organic frameworks induce low-temperature ferromagnetism and could yield novel materials for industry
Schematic representation
13 Feb 2013
Researchers from the Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST), South Korea have pioneered a simple, but efficient and eco-friendly way to produce Edge-selectively functionalized graphene nanoplatelets (EFGnPs) by dry ball milling graphite in the presence of various gases.
28 Aug 2012
Japanese scientists have succeeded in fabricating a crystalline thin film with a film thickness of nanometer order, in which molecules of a 3-dimensionally strong porous coordination polymer (PCP) are oriented in a designated direction, and demonstrated that this thin film has a reversible gas adsorption/desorption reaction function.
chemical reaction
16 Mar 2012
The dynamic equilibrium between two reactive silicon compounds provides chemists with improved tools for synthesizing optically and electronically active molecules
pradimicin A HIV
10 Feb 2012
Revelation of how certain compounds adhere so strongly to HIV’s coat points to a fresh therapeutic approach
metal crystals
23 Dec 2011
A high-pressure growth technique creates single magneto-electric crystals useful for future generations of electronic memory
22 Dec 2011
Plasmonic nanocrosses that heat up when illuminated can be used to kill cancer.
28 Oct 2011
Unprecedented formation of a boron–boron covalent bond, under laboratory conditions, opens a new corner of chemistry
10 Oct 2011
Researchers of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) have achieved further breakthrough in studying graphene on the nano-scale.


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