Journal of the American Chemical Society (JACS)


14 Aug 2009
Mechanically trapped molecules throw light on energy transfer within artificial photosynthetic systems
07 Aug 2009
Controlled positioning of nucleic acids on gold nanoparticles creates new possibilities for bottom-up nanotechnologies
26 Jun 2009
An international team, led by Shingo Nagano from the RIKEN SPring-8 Center in Harima and Hiroyasu Onaka from Toyama Prefectural University, has uncovered the vital role of water in the generation of the antitumor drug staurosporine
10 Apr 2009
Comparing aluminate and zincate compounds has revealed their versatility, which provides new tools for chemists
27 Feb 2009
A metal–organic framework that contains ordered channels of two different sizes can separate different gases
16 Jan 2009
Researchers working in Japan have developed a new theory that may explain the activity of two unusual, but vitally important, enzymes that were discovered over 40 years ago.
27 Dec 2008
Nano-patterning on silicon: a single compound reacts with silicon surface to form perpendicular molecular lines
31 Oct 2008
Molecules containing both electron donors and acceptors have been functionalized with tails that control their arrangement in a liquid-crystal photovoltaic device
03 Oct 2008
Mapping of electron distribution in highly unusual hypervalent atom will advance our understanding of rare carbon compounds
22 Feb 2008
Tying short RNA molecules into loops gives them a stability boost, which could lead to more effective therapeutic strategies for modulating gene expression
01 Feb 2008
Researchers show how spins freeze in a molecular magnet
01 Feb 2008
Two different chemical compounds can be used to draw perpendicular molecular lines on the surface of silicon substrates
23 Dec 2007
A team of Japanese scientists has developed a method to ‘fish’ for specific DNA-base problems that are responsible for causing cancer. The method can also be used to identify the exact site and measure the extent of the disorder.
09 Sep 2007
Researchers find superconductivity in a material typically used as cement
24 Aug 2007
Researchers hold a key to studying cancer, wound healing and development
21 Jul 2007
Researchers provide a detailed insight into the change in structure of a metal complex when exposed to light. This study not only sheds new light on the fundamental question of how metal-ligand complexes change shape in real time, but could have implications for practical applications that use these materials.
13 Jul 2007
A team of Japanese scientists led by Akimitsu Okamoto from the RIKEN Frontier Research System, Wako, has developed a new method for tagging a particular DNA base responsible for causing cancer.
11 Jul 2007
A new method to detect small changes in human genes could lead the way in personalized medicine. Specific, fluorescent dyes could light the way in recognizing genetic disorders resulting from small DNA sequence variations
24 Jan 2007
IBN has pioneered methods to enable these nanocrystals to be used as powerful tools in bio-imaging and drug targeting


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