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Saving catfish by understanding their genetics

Science13 Mar 2017University of the Philippines Diliman
Researchers in the Philippines are studying the genetics of local catfish to help protect them from becoming endangered.
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Slackers turned saviours

Science10 Mar 2017Hokkaido University
Japanese scientists show that lazy ant workers step in to replace fatigued workers, improving colony long-term persistence.
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The Jamaica cherry that fights infections

Medicine10 Mar 2017University of the Philippines Diliman
A common roadside tree contains chemicals that could provide antibiotics in the future.

'Reading' songs and nurturing culture in the Philippines

Culture, People09 Mar 2017University of the Philippines Diliman
Preserving cultural heritage, including access to and use of ancestral lands, can be a real challenge for indigenous communities. A range of cultural memory recall and music workshops with the indigenous Ata of the Philippines aims to empower communities and validate legal claims related to the Indigenous People’s Rights Act.
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On the path toward molecular robots

Technology09 Mar 2017Hokkaido University
Scientists in Japan have developed light-powered molecular motors that repetitively bend and unbend, bringing us closer to molecular robots.

Sounding-out high blood pressure in diabetics

Science, Technology27 Jul 2016Tohoku University
Blood pressure can significantly drop by applying 20 minutes of ultrasound to the forearm of type II diabetes patients with treatment-resistant hypertension, according to research from Japan’s Tohoku University.

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