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Environment benefits from large middle class in some Asian countries

People12 Apr 2018Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM)
A large middle class in Thailand and Indonesia is demanding more environmental protection; something not happening in other developing South-East Asian nations.
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Addressing inconsistencies within Islamic finance

Business02 Apr 2018Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM)
Islamic financial institutions should standardize investment screening methods to ensure future growth, a new report suggests.
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“Tougher-than-metal” fibre-reinforced hydrogels

Technology28 Mar 2018Hokkaido University
Hokkaido University scientists have developed ‘fibre-reinforced soft composites’, that are extremely flexible and five times stronger than carbon steel.
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Managing early aging in childhood cancer survivors

Medicine06 Mar 2018University of Malaya
The quality of life of young adults who survived cancer as children could improve due to a new understanding about why they age earlier than their healthy peers.
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Tiny particles hint at universe's puzzling imbalance

Science05 Mar 2018Kavli Institute for the Physics and Mathematics of the Universe (Kavli IPMU)
New data has provided further evidence that could explain an imbalance between the two main types of matter in the universe.
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The impact of parental absence in rural China

People01 Mar 2018Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU)
Children without any parent at home score much lower on primary school exams than children with one or both parents, which can hinder future prospects.
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‘Electronic skin’ takes wearable health monitors to next level

Technology21 Feb 2018Daegu Gyeongbuk Institute of Science and Technology (DGIST)
A soft, stick-on patch collects, analyses and wirelessly transmits a variety of health metrics from the body to a smartphone.
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Detecting disease in a single breath [Asia Research News 2018 feature]

Medicine, Technology14 Feb 2018Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST)
Innovative nanosensors improve detection of disease biomarkers in exhaled breath.
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Identifying the dangers of chronic stress on multiple sclerosis

Medicine, Science05 Feb 2018Hokkaido University
New research reveals how chronic stress and tiny brain inflammations cause fatal gut failure in a multiple sclerosis mouse model.
Asia Research News 2018

Eradicating Child Marriage

Culture, People17 Jan 2018University of Malaya
Child marriage is a global issue affecting various countries, religions and ethnicities. In this Asia Research News 2018 feature article, researchers from Malaysia and UK spoke to 7,500 women to find out the causes and consequences of child marriage.

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