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Photon sieve widens view of dynamic holograms

Technology12 Jan 2020
The design boosts the image appeal of LCD-generated holographic scenes while retaining the popular flat-panel format.
brain memory concept

Histamine-inducing drugs improve long-term memory recall

Brain, Medicine12 Jan 2020Kyoto University, The University of Tokyo
The drugs helped mice and humans recall long-term object memories.

Converting CO2 into sustainable fuels

Climate Change, Energy, Environment10 Jan 2020
A material aims to deliver a one-two punch: recycling atmospheric carbon dioxide for the production of more sustainable hydrocarbon fuels.

All-in-one device for better brain studies

Brain, Diseases, Technology10 Jan 2020
An implantable device has the potential to revolutionize how neuroscientists study the brain and treat diseases.
Andromeda Galaxy

On the hunt for primordial black holes

Space09 Jan 2020
Searching for tiny, ancient black holes proposed by Stephen Hawking to see if they might be dark matter.

AQAMAN takes aim at rare neurodegenerative diseases

Brain, Diseases, Medicine09 Jan 2020
A small molecule could hold the key to tackling the protein build-up in nerve cells that occurs in several devastating neurological disorders.
child, autism, Malaysia

Getting a new perspective on autism

Brain, Culture, Diseases, Health, People08 Jan 2020
Much-needed insight into raising young children with autism in Malaysia highlights the need to improve local research, awareness, acceptance and support services.

The gene responsible for cognitive defects in down syndrome

Brain, Diseases, Medicine08 Jan 2020
New findings could lead the way towards treatments for intellectual disability in Down syndrome.

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