Moon, sun and telescope create a buzz

Credit: NAOJ

Know when you go viral

As part of our social media monitoring service, we picked up particularly high coverage of a National Astronomical Observatory of Japan (NAOJ) forecast of an eclipse. We found that Facebook Japan posted about this forecast to their 200 million followers. It received 7,500 likes and 665 shares. In an another instance, NASA and its researcher shared an NAOJ press release about solar magnetic field research to their 2.7 million followers.

Get to know who likes you

Two people who visited NAOJ's telescope were impressed by the staff who kindly showed them how the telescope tilts and rotates. They tweeted about the experience with a video of the telescope in motion saying that "despite its weight and size, the movement was so smooth and it was very cool!". They reached over 300,000 people from just three tweets.