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Excite the public about your research, advance knowledge and inspire the next generation.


Extend your academic reputation outside your specialized field and collaborate across disciplines.


Is your research beneficial to society? Is it ready for the market? Tell more people to attract funding and investment.


Researchers attract more citations after successfully engaging with the media and public.

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“Asia Research News articles are brilliantly written —sharp, intelligent and a pleasure to read.”
Dr Nayan Kanwal, Malaysia
Thanks again for the amazing job you did on the podcast.
Francesco Obino, Head of Programs, Global Development Network
For 10 years, Asia Research News has worked with Pertanika journals to select newsworthy papers, write press releases and connecting journalists with the research. Its services are a great help to disseminate research and inform the public
Pertanika Journals
It's a good sign that when I'm super busy, your newsletter still encourages me to click on a story and I find myself engrossed in that, rather than doing the work I should be doing ;-)
Associate Professor Djuke Veldhuis, Monash University
“The research news is very interesting and informative.”
UNEP Asia Pacific
I think the article is well written by these folks, considering the otherwise 'dry' nature of the research.
Prof. Indraneil Das Universiti Malaysia Sarawak

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