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Asia Research News magazine features fascinating research stories from diverse voices. We combine professional writing and exquisite design to showcase some of the best of our clients’ research, keeping your news in the spotlight all year long. Let us tell you story. Click on the image to read Asia Research News magazine and find out more.

“We distributed copies of the magazine at the Canadian Science Writers Association annual conference, and everyone loved them!”
International Development Research Centre (IDRC), Canada
"I have just listened to the Asia Research News podcast and it was brilliant! Really clear, well-structured, and made me want to read the report in more detail."
Sally Brunton, Operations and Development Manager, Kivu International
“Asia Research News articles are brilliantly written —sharp, intelligent and a pleasure to read.”
Dr Nayan Kanwal, Malaysia
"Beautiful graphics, pictures that convey the atmosphere wherein research happens, nice facial expressions of researchers... it's lovely."
Kanazawa University, Japan
I think the article is well written by these folks, considering the otherwise 'dry' nature of the research.
Prof. Indraneil Das Universiti Malaysia Sarawak
Asia Research News was a valuable resource for my story on gender equality in China's science industry - part of the South China Morning Post's International Women's Day 2022 series. Thank you ARN, and your extensive network of researchers, with special thanks to those who kindly helped with my exploration of why there are so few women in China’s top science institutes, and recent measures meant to bridge the gender gap.
Holly Chik - Reporter, China Desk, South China Morning Post

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