Science Communication Resources

Science Communication Resources


As we move into our third decade in science communication, we prepared this resource as a guide for those interested in knowing more about communicating science and research. We hope the resources here will help anyone interested in science communication. If you would like to learn more about Asia Research News, have a look at some of these pages:  Newsroom, Magazine and Services.


Service Providers


Organisations supporting Science Communications

Science Journalist Associations

Journalist associations foster communities for professional learning and growth. Many provide access to knowledge resources, workshops, events and mentoring opportunities.

Organisations supporting Science Journalists

Various organisations have initiatives that promote collaborations among the science community, media and academic and cultural institutions.

Organisations for Science Communicators 

International and national groups for science communicators.

Services for communicating research

There are many services available to help you in successfully communicating research. We  have listed some on this page in the four main categories below. We would love to help you so please check out our Asia Research News Services

Content creation

The creation of content that summarises research for a general audience is not easy. Asia Research News has been creating content to communicate science since 2004. Whether it is press releases of research papers, articles, podcasts or video, we have been making them for researchers.

Press Release distribution

Science news distribution sites allow universities and research organisations to post press releases about new research and reach many journalists.

Expert Databases

Researcher databases allow researchers to create profiles and aggregate their body of work. Media professionals can search for top experts on specific fields of study. 

Media monitoring and database

Universities and research institutions can use monitoring services to learn what journalists are writing about them and build relationships with journalists.

Career Development

Science Communication Courses

Universities around the world offer science communication courses for communicators, journalists and scientists. Find one in your region:

Conferences, Events and Meetups

Opportunities for science communicators to connect, including our SciCom Coffee for Women

Grants, Fellowships and Awards

Writing grants, fellowship opportunities and awards for early and mid-career science communicators

Toolkits and guides

Blogs, podcasts and other content to follow for continuous learning, from best practices and advice to behind-the-scenes of impactful stories

Blogs and articles

Blogs and article collections that discuss insights and developments in the field of science communication


If you would like to add more information to these pages, please email us at info AT Please note that these resources are provided for information only and should not be taken as endorsement. Users are adviced to do their own diligent research before using any of these resources.

“While assisting my nieces on Asian pioneers in science, I came upon your Giants in History. Thank you, love the site, really helps to inspire young people to enter the science fields”
Dal Basi
Bravo! Long may the big jib draw
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The Professor was very happy about the press release writing for his research. I am grateful for your team's brilliant job.
Younghye Cho, PIO, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST)
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Vice Rector, Universitas Airlangga, Indonesia