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Why choose Asia Research News?

Research is your life’s work and we treat it with utmost respect. We will develop a press release that stays true to your work and catches the attention of the media.

Science + Journalism

Experience matters. We know how to explain science in an accessible manner for busy journalists. Our writers and editors are science journalists who understand writing that speaks to international media, while staying true to the research.

Writer + Editor

Your time and attention is valuable. This is why all our press releases are edited by an experienced science editor, who assists the writer in refining the press release. We send the draft to you only when both writer and editor have approved the content. This saves you time, attention and ensures a superior press release, proven by many compliments we’ve received from researchers.

Fast turnaround

The news waits for no one. Our experience means we can write and edit in a short period of time so you can get your research to journalists in time for the next news cycle.

The Professor was very happy about the press release writing for his research. I am grateful for your team's brilliant job.
Younghye Cho, PIO, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST), Korea

3 easy steps to your press release

Step 1

Send the paper with a writing request form to [email protected]

Step 2

Our editorial team will write, edit and refine your press release.

Step 3

When we have done all we can, we will send you the press release for fact-checking and revise if needed. Your press release is now ready!

By consistently providing clear and compelling press releases, Asia Research News has helped us to popularize materials science research around the world.
Science and Technology of Advanced Materials Journal, Japan

Some examples of our writing - from the research papers to the press releases. Click on the links to read further.

I'm very pleased with the article since the researcher who reviewed was very satisfied with it.
Kwanghoon Choi, PIO, Daegu Gyeongbuk Institute of Science and Technology (DGIST), South Korea
Asia Research News has been a valued partner for us at Duke-NUS' communications department, proving time and again that they can deliver high quality writing with the utmost professionalism and rapid turnaround.
Duke-NUS Medical School Communications Department, Singapore

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