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Repairing aeroplane
06 Aug 2023
A team of researchers from Singapore and the UK, led by Dr Wei Liang Lai, with supervisor, Associate Professor Kheng Lim Goh, has developed a portable device for repairing hard-to-see damage in carbon fiber materials. The device has great potential for the aerospace industry, such as to repair the fuselage of commercial aircraft.
03 Apr 2018
Improved diesel technology, combined with generally better fuel economy, has led to the widespread belief that diesel vehicles are more environmentally friendly than their petrol counterparts.
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26 Jan 2018
Researchers in South Korea have developed Aldebaran5, a processor for self-driving cars that provides high computing power as well as safety mechanisms to ensure reliability for automotive applications while exhibiting industry leading power efficiency in a tiny, smaller-than-a-nail-head size.
Optimizing recycling of scrap car parts yields big savings
24 Jan 2018
Detailed sorting of scrap car parts could boost recycling rates to over 97%, saving billions spent on new materials and slashing associated greenhouse gas emissions.
12 Dec 2017
A design team, affiliated with South Korea’s Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST)has once again been recognized for its design excellence in the 2017 Spark Design Awards.
29 Nov 2017
A group of students, affiliated with South Korea's Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST) has won the first place at 2017 Future Mobility Idea Competition, hosted by Hyundai Motor Group.
15 Jun 2017
Cars could soon negotiate smart intersections without ever having to stop.
Engines fire without smoke
29 May 2017
Car manufacturers could clean up vehicle exhausts using a new model of gasoline combustion developed using experimental data.


24 Nov 2020 to 25 Nov 2020
The two-day strategic summit—”Intelligent Mobility: The Digital Acceleration“—will feature curated webinars, insightful panel discussions, and other online events.


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