Recruitment Notice: Specially Appointed Assistant Professor

The Advanced Institute for Materials Research is looking for a specially appointed assistant professor to help conduct research on supercapacitors.

The Advanced Institute for Materials Research (AIMR) welcomes applicants for the position of specially appointed assistant professor to help develop supercapacitors based on chemically modified electrodes.

Successful applicants will become a member of the NEDO project "Development of Supercapacitors Based on Azaphthalocyanine Modified Electrodes." Running from January 2021 to March 2024, the project studies the development of supercapacitors based on modified electrodes composed of metal complexes such as metal phthalocyanines.

Other areas of research expected to be conducted are:

  1. Synthesis of high-performance metal complexes for realizing supercapacitors
  2. Fabrication and analysis of electrochemical devices

Prospective applicants can find more information such as how to apply here.


• A relevant PhD

• Skills and experience related to interdisciplinary science and engineering with a focus on nano/micro science

• Skills and experience related to applied chemistry

How to apply: 

Send application materials as PDF files by e-mail to [email protected]

1. A CV including current address, contact information, academic background, degree, work experience, etc.

2. A list of publications (papers, books, lectures, awards, software, etc.)

3. An outline of research accomplishments (two pages maximum)

4. A research plan (one page maximum)

5. One or two letters of recommendation sent directly to the contact E-mail address below

6. Copies of research papers (up to five)

Engineering & Technology
Application deadline: 
31 Mar 2021
Length of contract: 
Up until the end of Dec. 2022 (Extension is possible until March 2024 subject to project continuation and mid-term evaluation)
Type of position: 
Full time
Employment status: Full-time (non-tenured) Work location: Tohoku district - Miyagi Compensation: According to the rules of Tohoku University
25 Jan 2021