ACS Energy Letters


25 Jun 2021
Perovskite colloidal quantum dots (Pe-CQDs) are highly promising nanocrystals for optoelectronic applications. However, the size of the crystals should ideally be equal to ensure a consistent energy landscape. In a recent study, scientists clarified the relationship between differences in particle size—polydispersity—and the optoelectronic characteristics of Pe-CQDs. They showed that using equally sized, or ‘monodisperse,’ quantum dots results in markedly better performance in Pe-CQD solar cells, paving the way for future optoelectronic devices.
Distinguished Professor Kwang S. Kim and Dr. Atanu Jana
23 Jan 2019
Researchers in South Korea have presented an easy, facile, and cost-effective synthetic method, capable of stabilizing perovskites without addition of foreign coating materials in aqueous media.
15 Nov 2017
A mild post-fabrication doping approach can boost the solar conversion of quantum dot-based photovoltaic cells.
A little tension yields enormous solar crystals
26 Sep 2017
New evidence of surface-initiated crystallization may improve the efficiency of printable photovoltaic materials.
A simple additive to improve film quality
18 Sep 2017
Simple chemicals called glycol ethers help make better perovskite thin films for solar cells.


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