carbon energy


22 Apr 2024
- A joint research team between DGIST, Ewha Womans University, Incheon National University, and Sang-hoon Nam at MIT used atomic force microscopy to identify what causes electron-hole separation due to energy-level differences within and at the interface between crystals in the light-absorbing layer of thin-film solar cells - Suggested directions to understand carrier behaviors in a variety of fields with atomic force microscopy
14 Sep 2023
- Team led by Professor In Soo-Il at DGIST develops a titanium dioxide photocatalyst with enhanced optical and electrical properties utilizing silver and ruthenium - 135-fold increase in methane production compared to conventional TiO2 photocatalysts (95% selectivity proven)
11 May 2023
- A joint research team of Yang Kee-Jeong, Kim Dae-Hwan, and Kang Jin-Gyu at DGIST and Kim Jun-Ho at Incheon National University used admittance spectroscopy to suggest a defect energy level in the absorbing layer that deteriorated thin-film solar cell properties - The research team proposed a defect identification method to ensure high efficiency in thin-film solar cells


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