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04 Dec 2023
Pregnancy brings a rise in pancreatic beta cells – the cells that produce insulin. Shortly after birth, these cells return to their normal levels. The mechanisms behind this process had remained a mystery. But now a research group has revealed that white blood cells called macrophages ‘eat’ these cells.
11 Sep 2023
Researchers have unveiled an intriguing phenomenon of cellular reprogramming in mature adult organs, shedding light on a novel mechanism of adaptive growth. The study, which was conducted on fruit flies (Drosophila), provides further insights into dedifferentiation - where specialized cells that have specific functions transform into less specialized, undifferentiated cells like stem cells.
08 Aug 2023
Fruit fly neural stem cells emerge as an exciting new model for unravelling the mysteries of dormancy, reactivation and neuronal regeneration. New studies unlock molecular pathways that could stimulate endogenous brain repair in neurodegenerative diseases and ageing.
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21 Jun 2019
NYU Abu Dhabi researchers have reported a new way in which the liver is primed to regenerate itself. They found that by stripping parts of the epigenome, which play a primary role in repressing “jumping genes” (i.e. transposable elements), other epigenetic marks were redistributed.
22 Feb 2019
Laboratory model breaks laws of heredity, opening up new research possibilities in genetics and synthetic biology.
24 Aug 2018
Cells that provide structural support to the intestine’s interior lining also have special defences against toxins.


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