IEEE Internet of Things Journal


24 Mar 2024
- A team led by DGIST Professor Jeongho Kwak proposes VisionScaling algorithm, enhancing user experience in 6G vision services while conserving energy in mobile devices - Efficient technology development anticipated to enhance user experience in various vision services of the upcoming 6G era (AR/XR, autonomous driving, etc.)
Blueprint for Satellite Edge Computing Server Network
19 Oct 2022
- A joint research team led by Professor Jeongho Kwak of DGIST and Professor Jihwan Choi of KAIST developed efficient edge-computing offloading and network-slicing techniques for next-generation LEO satellite networks. - This technology, which has drawn Elon Musk's attention, is expected to be used for high-speed streaming and computing services in communication-isolated areas during the era of “future satellite networks.”


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