Journal of Cell Biology


09 Aug 2023
Researchers from Osaka University clarified the interactions of the proteins Tejas (Tej), Vasa (Vas), and Spindle-E (Spn-E) in the formation of cellular compartments known as nuage and the processing of PIWI-interacting RNA (piRNA) precursors in Drosophila melanogaster ovaries. piRNAs help prevent the transmission of genetic mutations through reproductive cells, and insight into the dynamics of piRNA formation and processing may contribute to our understanding of the mechanisms underlying reproductive disorders, including infertility.
19 Jun 2023
Researchers from Osaka University found that the binding of two proteins—Polydom and Tie1—is essential for lymphatic cell migration in the remodeling of lymphatic vessels, which transport molecules around the body. A better understanding of the development and remodeling of the lymphatic system will lead to better therapeutic options for diseases such as lymphedema, which is common in cancer patients and currently has no cure.
06 Jun 2023
Ultrafast fluorescent imaging technology brings the molecular dynamics of living cells into clear view.
20 Nov 2020
A new mechanism of action by which misfolded proteins cause indirect damage to neurons


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