Journal of Power Sources


19 May 2024
- Ensure price competitiveness and reliability by using the phenomenon of dye reacting with beta rays instead of expensive semiconductors and carbon isotope treatment technology for anodes - Provide a power technology that has been available for decades without the need for recharging. It excels in the era of on-device and AI, being more cost-competitive and efficient than traditional betavoltaic cells - Published the findings in the Journal of Power Sources, one of the most prestigious international journals in the field of electrical and electronic engineering
19 Aug 2022
A research group led by Professor Akitoshi Hayashi at the Osaka Metropolitan University Graduate School of Engineering has successfully developed a high-capacity capacitor, an energy storage device—using a solid electrolyte with high deformability—that can operate at high temperatures. With this discovery, high-capacity capacitors can now be made which do not require cooling, this increases their efficiency and allows for new suitable applications.


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