APEC Centre for Sustainable Development in Agriculture & Fishery Sectors

APEC Centre for Sustainable Development in Agriculture and Fishery Sectors

This centre was setup in 2017 to enhance the collaborative climate within APEC 21 economies where new technological developments as well as related scientific and production data in agriculture, aquaculture and fishery food production systems can be efficiently shared and transferred in support of more efficient and sustainable food production in the region. 

The centre supports the mission of APEC Policy Partnership on Food Security (PPFS) to promote the sharing of technological innovations, data-sharing systems, data computational platforms as well as decision support infrastructure openly accessible between APEC economies. The developments supported will be in relation to food production efficiency and sustainability, food safety and nutritional value as well as the utility of food production side-streams. 

APEC Centre for Sustainable Development in Agriculture and Fishery Sectors is co-located in Temasek Polytechnic - Centre for Aquaculture & Veterinary Science (CAVS). This is a purpose-built, innovative, and technology-driven centre established to meet the needs of the aquaculture industries.

It currently provides the following services :

  1. Quality services for the aquaculture, biomedical research, and veterinary industries.
  2. Create an industry-ready workforce with relevant skills-based training through customized courses; and
  3. Promote collaborative research and development via a multidisciplinary approach to provide innovative solutions for the related industries.

The centre is also involved on continuing applied R&D in the following areas :

  1. Marine conservation and cultivation of aquatic plants (including microalgae).
  2. Functional feeds development and nutrition analysis
  3. Dietary management for gut microbiome health and diseases
  4. Aquatic animal health and wellness
  5. Water and waste management


Current Industry collaborative research projects:

  1. A novel recycling aquaculture system from laboratory to full-scale application: Nitrogen elimination by high efficiency spinning bed bioreactor and anaerobic ammonium oxidation chamber.
  2. An innovative aquarium filter.
  3. Effect of dietary administration of safe organic compounds for anti-bacterial and anti-parasitic activities in food fish species
  4. Production of animal feed and probiotics from recycled food waste
  5. Applications of regenerative medicine in the treatment of diseases in companion animals


Diagnostics services

  1. Pathogen detection and identification for bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites
  2. Toxin testing – microbial and algal origin
  3. Molecular Testing – multiplexed QPCR and genetic analysis
  4. Pathology – general staining and microscopy, and immunohistochemistry


Aquaculture Services

  1. Feed development, preparation and feeding trials.
  2. Digestibility, palatability, and stability of feeds
  3. Vaccine development and efficacy trials
  4. Evaluation of feed or product efficacy in growth performance
  5. Live feed propagation and supply
  6. Breeding, hatchery and larviculture
  7. Selective breeding and seedstock development


Water Treatment and Water Quality Assessment

  1. Biological, chemical, and physical treatment technologies
  2. Water analysis
  3. Integrated solutions for specific waste streams
  4. Engineering design and system optimization



The centre houses industry-centric facilities to support research, consultancy services and student training.


Level 1: TP Animal Clinic & Wellness and Aquaculture Innovation Centre (AIC)

  1. Providing veterinary & rehabilitation services (open to the public)


Level 2: Aquaculture Research Facility@CAVS and Temasek Animal Facility

  1. Aquatic animal research skills, care, and husbandry
  2. Feeds and feeding
  3. Health monitoring
  4. Facility operation & maintenance


Level 3: Veterinary Diagnostic Labs

  1. Small Laboratory animal testing
  2. Care and husbandry
  3. Laboratory sample testing: pathogen detection, sample collection and preparation, processing, storage & disposal


Level 4: Large Laboratory Animal Facility

  1. Large laboratory animal testing
  2. Care and husbandry


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