Central Asia Archaeological Group

Central Asia Archaeological Group Central Asia Archaeological Group is non-governmental and non-profit-making organization, established for joining up the best of the most progressive specialists in the field of history and archaeology research in Central Asia.

Doctor Vladimir Karasev, the founder of the Group, dedicated more then thirty years to the Central Asia heritage researching. The Group works in many fields: culture, art, history, archaeology, and it also deals with projects for protecting historical heritage, national monuments of culture and nature, their research and propaganda, aid to public organizations in seeking works of art, archival sources, other monuments of history and culture, national reliquiae (which are abroad now) and their repatriation.

The Group assists development and strengthening of material basis of culture, creation of new institutions of culture (museums, libraries, clubs, exhibitions and so on). It assists in rendering of financial, moral and legal help for productive initiatives and beginnings of community directing to increase of cultural heritage, to keeping and developing of national traditions, home crafts, art, and ceremonies of corresponding regions.

The Group assists subsequent development of amateur creation, amateur`s associations and other kinds of cultural activities, helps to realize works of art, helps in building of infrastructure for tourist business, in organizing of new tourist routes. The Group also renders adequate help in forming of personal archives, libraries, collections of ancient works of art and culture, involving them (on voluntary lines) to public use. It also aids in organization and realization of the conferences concerning the culture, symposiums, exhibitions, creative meetings` parties, photo galleries, musical and poetic parties, and concerts.

Our longstanding experience in this field allowed us to accumulate tremendous and unique store of knowledge, which will be necessary for many, many professionals all over the world.

We would like to emphasize, that we worked independently for many years, and one of the main conditions we set is to work at an international high-level. We are very glad to inform You, that the specialist and historians, engaged in various fields of history and archaeology of Central Asia, now can receive precise, complete and new information about historians, archaeologists and specialists, working in many countries of the world. Now, it is possible to know about the newest discoveries and get the latest information about various projects concerning research and keeping the cultural heritage of Central Asia. Various organizations of the world, many historians and archaeologists can place information about themselves, their projects, publish articles and always be informed about all the events concerned with history and archaeology in the region.

Central Asia Archaeological Group publishes a magazine which is quite easily available for everybody, and there they can find out about various scientists` works in the field of history, culture and archaeology research in Central Asia. All the matters concerned with the placing of Your information, and activities of the Group (CAAG) can be discussed with Denis Karasev - project manager and CAAG general director.


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