Prof. Dato' Dr. Faisal Rafiq Bin Mahamd Adikan

Prof. Rafiq received his PhD from the Optoelectronics Research Centre, University of Southampton in 2007, specialising in glass-based integrated optical devices for use in telecommunication and sensing applications.

Prof. Faisal Rafiq Mahamd Adikan is currently serving as 8th Vice-Chancellor of Universiti Sains Malaysia (4th October 2019 - 3rd October 2022). 

Prof. Rafiq has served in numerous national level committees, including that of the Economic Planning Unit (EPU). He has been a speaker and panelist in numerous platforms, including those organized by Higher Learning Leadership Academy (Akademi Kepimpinan Pendidikan Tinggi, AKepT) under the Ministry of Higher Education (MoHE). He is also a reviewer to several international technical journals which include IEEE Photonics Journal and the Journal of Lightwave Technology.


PhD, University of Southampton, United Kingdom (2007)
MSc (ENG), Universiti Malaya (UM)
Sarjana Muda Kejuruteraan, University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology, United Kingdom


Microcapillaries and Optical Dosimeters
Photonic Sensor
Planar Waveguides and Optical Fibres


Selected publications

Falah, Ahmed & Wong, Wei Ru & Adikan, Faisal. (2022). Single-mode eccentric-core D-shaped photonic crystal fiber surface plasmon resonance sensor. Optics & Laser Technology. 145. 107474. 10.1016/j.optlastec.2021.107474.

Dambul, Katrina & Mahdiraji, Ghafour & Tamchek, Nizam & Azman, Fahmi & Wong, Wei Ru & Adikan, Faisal. (2021). Simple fabrication technique for novel multistructured flat fiber. Optical Fiber Technology. 64. 102558. 10.1016/j.yofte.2021.102558.

Haider, Firoz & Aoni, Rifat Ahmmed & Ahmed, Rajib & Mahdiraji, Ghafour & Azman, Fahmi & Adikan, Faisal. (2020). Mode-multiplex plasmonic sensor for multi-analyte detection. Optics Letters. 45. 10.1364/OL.396340.

Poh, Abdul & Adikan, Faisal & Moghavvemi, Mahmoud. (2020). The past, present, and prospective on UV-VIS-NIR skin photonics and spectroscopy-a wavelength guide. Medical & Biological Engineering & Computing. 58. 1159–1175. 10.1007/s11517-019-02077-9

Poh, Abdul & Adikan, Faisal & Moghavvemi, Mahmoud & Omar, Sharifah & Poh, Khadijah & Mahyuddin, Mohamad & Yan, Grace & Ariffin, Mohammad & Harun, Sulaiman Wadi. (2020). Precursors to non-invasive clinical dengue screening: Multivariate signature analysis of in-vivo diffuse skin reflectance spectroscopy on febrile patients in Malaysia.. PLoS ONE. 15. e0228923. 10.1371/journal.pone.0228923.

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