DGIST Partners with K-Club and Samick THK to Accelerate Promising Technology Exchange and Expand Academic-Industrial Collaboration in Korea

- Launch of joint academic-industrial programs through a partnership agreement with K-Club, an association of KIST family companies, to enhance academic-industrial collaboration. - Expectations of joint research and spread of business achievements in promising technology fields through agreement with Samick THK.

□ DGIST (President Kunwoo Lee) has embarked upon expanding partnerships to foster an exchange of outstanding promising technologies held by the institution and invigorate an academic-industrial collaboration.


□ On the 5th (Fri), DGIST signed an academic-industrial collaboration agreement with K-Club. The K-Club (Jeongsook Kim, Chairperson and CEO of LitePharmTech Co., Ltd.) is an association of family companies of the Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KIST). The foundation for this collaboration was laid earlier this year by Kyung-Ho Shin, the newly appointed Vice President for Research and Director of Convergence Research Institute at DGIST, during his tenure at KIST. Currently, with 112 member companies, it operates active exchange programs. The agreement aims for mutual growth and active academic exchange through joint program planning. It will also support collaborative efforts related to the new initiatives at DGIST, including the establishment and operation of the Graduate School of Engineering and Graduate School of Business.


□ Additionally, on the day of the agreement, DGIST and K-Club jointly held a 'DGIST T-Marketing with K-Club' event. About 40 member companies participated, including outstanding enterprises like LitePharmTech, Hanchang Corporation, and Inwoo Corporation. The event was attended by nearly 90 individuals including DGIST researchers, internal startup companies like It's Sensor and SilicoPharm, local business leaders, and stakeholders. The event comprised presentations of promising technologies and startups at DGIST, technical consultations for corporate challenges, and networking among participants. Many companies conducted in-depth technical consultations with DGIST researchers, and further consultations are expected to yield tangible outcomes in technology cooperation and joint research.


□ On the same day, a promising technology agreement was signed between Samick THK (CEO Juwan Jin), a leading regional mid-sized company and member of K-Club, and DGIST. The two have agreed to establish cooperation by ▲ Inventing and commercializing promising technologies through joint academic-industrial research and development ▲ Collaborating in the technology commercialization field, including technology transfer and identification of high-performing startup companies ▲ Building and operating a regular academic-industrial collaboration network ▲ Promoting and operating joint programs related to academic-industrial collaboration.


□ President Kunwoo Lee of DGIST stated, “Through cooperation with K-Club, an association of KIST family companies, and Samick THK, a distinguished regional mid-sized company, we are committed to contributing to the expansion of DGIST’s technology commercialization achievements and regional economic development. We will continue to dedicate our efforts toward spreading technology through collaborative partnerships with enterprises.”