International Human Dimensions Programme on Global Environmental Change - IHDP - is a nongovernmental international scientific programme focusing on the human dimensions of global environmental change research.

Currently administered by the University of Bonn, Germany, the research programme will move to the United Nations University's Environment and Human Security programme (EHS) in 2007.

Its website is: www.ihdp.org

IHDP currently has 6 core research projects dealing with issues such as land use and land-cover change, human security and global environmental change, institutional dimensions of global environmental change, industrial transformation, urbanization, and coastal zones.

Together with is partner programmes from the Earth System Science Partnership, IHDP also fosters 4 joint research programmes on food security, global water system, global carbon, and human health.

The research is highly interdisciplinary and seeks to take a social science perspective on the complex and interconnected problems of global environmental change. Natural sciences are, however, crucial, and deeply embedded in the research.


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