Iranian Research Organization for Science and Technology (IROST)


Iranian Research Organization for Science and Technology (IROST) was founded in 1980 in Tehran, Islamic Republic of Iran. IROST is a leading government organization for science and technology affiliated to the Iranian Ministry of Science, Research and Technology.  This organization mainly aims to devote itself to achieving independence in scientific and technological pursuit of the country by supporting the potential offered by the Iranian inventors, innovators, researchers and industrialists and to respond to the increasing demands for science and technology development programs. IROST provides valuable services in fulfilling the country's scientific, technical and engineering requirements through supporting applied and developmental research as well as developing new technologies.

IROST plays a leading role in implementing the strategic science and technology policies determined by the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology so as to provide the necessary infrastructure for scientific and technological development and to give government support to other Iranian research organizations and institutes (R&Ds). It offers consultations for evaluation, commercialization and marketing of new technologies at home and abroad. IROST also encourages and facilitates entrepreneurship within Iranian universities through the activities of IROST's Industry Liaison and Technologies Services.

IROST manages the National Scientific Network and holds research-oriented Masters and Ph.D. (Doctoral) Programs. Also, it evaluates patent applications and issues approval certificates for the grant of patents in the country. This leading organization recognizes the talents and contributions of researchers and innovators by holding Khwarizmi Youth and Khwarizmi International Awards as well as other scientific events.


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Sh. Ehsani Rad St., Enqelab St., Ahmadabad Mostoufi Rd., Azadegan Highway, P. O. Box 33535-111, Tehran 3313193685, I. R. Iran


Contact info

Alireza Allahyari
General Director
International Cooperation and Khwarizmi Awards