Dr. Ma Junzhang

Dr. Ma’s research mainly focuses on electronic structure of topological materials, superconductivity, low-dimensional materials, and correlated materials using Angle Resolved Photoemission Spectroscopy (ARPES).

Dr.Ma Junzhang joined the Department of Physics of City University of Hong Kong as an assistant professor in January 2021.



PhD, Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Science(2017)
BSc in Physics, Jilin University (2011)

Research interests

1) Electronic structure of topological materials including Dirac/Weyl semimetal, topological insulator, axion insulator, and topological superconductor
2) Unconventional superconductor
3) Coexistence of magnetic order with topological or superconducting states
4) Correlated systems: polaron and charge/spin density wave (CDW/SDW), trions, excitons, other new quantum phenomena induced by electron-boson coupling effect in low dimensional materials.



Selected publications

Unconventional Transverse Transport above and below the Magnetic Transition Temperature in Weyl Semimetal EuCd2As2
Xu, Y., Das, L., Ma, J. Z., Yi, C. J., Nie, S. M., Shi, Y. G., Tiwari, A. & 6 others, , 19 Feb 2021, In: Physical Review Letters. 126, 7, 076602.

Decoupling of lattice and orbital degrees of freedom in an iron-pnictide superconductor
Matt, C. E., Ivashko, O., Horio, M., Choi, J., Wang, Q., Sutter, D., Dennler, N. & 12 others, , Jun 2021, In: Physical Review Research. 3, 2, 023220

Anisotropic gapping of topological Weyl rings in the charge-density-wave superconductor InxTaSe2
Li, Y., Wu, Y., Xu, C., Liu, N., Ma, J., Lv, B., Yao, G. & 15 others, , 15 Feb 2021, In: Science Bulletin. 66, 3, p. 243-249

Anomalous Hall resistivity and possible topological Hall effect in the EuAl4 antiferromagnet
Shang, T., Xu, Y., Gawryluk, D. J., Ma, J. Z., Shiroka, T., Shi, M. & Pomjakushina, E., Jan 2021, In: Physical Review B. 103, 2, L020405.

Discovery of Ĉ2 rotation anomaly in topological crystalline insulator SrPb
Fan, W., Nie, S., Wang, C., Fu, B., Yi, C., Gao, S., Rao, Z. & 8 others, , 2021, In: Nature Communications. 12, 7 p., 2052.


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