Dr. Siti Fauziah Toha

Dr. Siti Fauziah Toha's main expertise in Artificial Intelligence Modelling and Control optimisation of complex systems and its applications.

Dr. Siti Fauziah Toha completed her Ph.D from the University of Sheffield, in 2010 researching on computational intelligence techniques for flexible manoeuvering system. In 2012, she spent a year as an Academic Expert Engineer at the Research Department, PROTON Bhd. Malaysia, working in the hardware in the-loop (HiL) project responsible for Battery Management System development using Artificial Intelligence techniques. She is a Professional Engineer and member of international and national professional bodies of IEEE, IET, BEM, IEM and reviewer for various journals and conference proceedings. She has also shown her capability in research where she is currently handling a total of RM 2.5 million in grants as a principle as well as a co-researcher. She was appointed as a research collaborator by UM, UPM, UTM, UPSI and Faculty of Information and Technology, IIUM for various research grants under the Ministry of Education (MOE) and Ministry of Science and Technology (MOSTI). 



PhD in Automatic Control & Systems Engineering, The University of Sheffield , 2010

Masters Degree in Electronics System Design Engineering, Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM), 2006

Bachelor Degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Universiti Teknologi Petronas (UTP)



Most Promising Academic Award - KOE TAKRIM (2019)
Journal Article Publication Award - KOE TAKRIM (2019)
Most Promising Academic Award (Science & Technology) - International Islamic University Malaysia (2018)
Outstanding Researcher Award (2018) - Kulliyyah of Engineering (2018)


Area of Specialisation

ICT ~ Information, Computer And Communications Technology (ICT) ~ Artificial Intelligence ~ Neural, Evolutionary and Fuzzy Computation - Neural Network, Fuzzy Logic Control, Genetic Algorithm, Particle Swarm Optimisation and other Nature-Inspired Techniques

Engineering Tech ~ Engineering And Technology ~ Electrical and Electronic Engineering ~ Control and System - Intelligent Hybrid Control and autonomous system


Selected publications

A modal analysis based on reactive power compensation on 6-bus Oman electrical grid. International Journal of Power Electronics and Drive System (IJPEDS), 12 (2) pp. 757-764

Analysis and practical validation on a multi-linkage scissor platform's drive system for the satellite test facilities. International Journal of Heavy Vehicle Systems, 28 (1) pp. 1-14

Analysis and practical validation on a multi-linkage scissor platforms drive system for the satellite test facilities. International Journal of Heavy Vehicle Systems, 28 (1) pp. 1-14

Intelligent read-out circuit for space radiation detection. Indonesian Journal of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, 22 (3) pp. 1411-1418

Locomation strategies for amphibious robots-a review. IEEE Access, 9 () pp. 26323-26342


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