Universiti Malaysia Sarawak

UNIVERSITI MALAYSIA SARAWAK (UNIMAS) UNIMAS was established in 1992. The University's mission is to generate, disseminate and apply knowledge strategically and innovatively to enhance the quality of the nation’s culture and prosperity of its people. The knowledge creation initiatives at UNIMAS are premised partly upon the wealth of natural resources and diverse socio-cultural make up of the State of Sarawak.

While UNIMAS is strong in biodiversity studies, this and most of other research activities at this university are also firmly based on contemporary technologies. For example, the strength in computer science and IT, together with expertise in molecular biology and biotechnology have effectively synergized several collaborative research, both locally and internationally, related to the conservation of the natural resources of the State. In medicine and health, the cultural and social uniqueness of Sarawak communities offers numerous opportunities to study the interactions between environmental factors and socio-cultural practices with various pathogens; and to look into other important issues related to community health.

UNIMAS commitment to research has already been recognized by the stakeholders and partners in industry through provision of endowments for the establishment of eight research chairs; these include the Tun Zaidi Chair for Medicinal Chemistry, the Tun Openg Chair for Sago Technology, the Shell Chair for Environmental Studies, and the Sapura Chair for ICT. FACULTIES, CENTRES & RESEARCH INSTITUTES AT UNIMAS Faculty of Engineering Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences Faculty of Cognitive Sciences & Human Development Faculty of Social Science Faculty of Resource Science & Technology Faculty of Applied & Creative Arts Faculty of Computer Sc. & Information Technology Faculty of Economics & Business Institute of Biodiversity & Environ. Conservation Institute of Health and Community Medicine Institute of East Asian Studies Centre for Student Development Centre for Graduate Studies Centre for Academic Information Services Centre for Applied Learning and Multimedia Centre for Technology Transfer & Consultancy



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