University of Sindh, Jamshoro, Pakistan

University of Sindh is 2nd oldest University of Pakistan but Institute of Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering established in 2002 for teaching and research purpose in the field of Biotechnology for M.Sc., M.Phil and Ph.D and BS Genetics.
institute has 10 faculty members and three visiting Professors.
At present 20 students are enrolled in M.Sc. Biotechnology while 180 students are enrolled in BS Genetics.Along with this 4 M.Phil and 4 Ph.D students (Biotechnology) are working on different research problems in the field of fermentation, plant Biotechnology and Medical Biotechnology. Sofar Institute have organized five International Symposiums on Biotechnology and Three National Training Workshops on Biotechnological techniques.

Contact person

Dr. Muhammed Umar Dahot is a
Director of Institute.
M.Sc. Biochemistry from University of Sindh
Ph.D Fermentation Biotechnology, University of Sindh
He is supervising Research Students in the field of Fermentation Biotechnology/ Plant Biotechnology

Dr. Syed Habib Ahmed
Ph.D. Enzyme Biotechnology

Mr. Muhammed Rafique
M.Phil Punjab University Lahore
Plant Biotechnology

Mr. Ikram ul Haq
M.Phil NIBGE Faisalabad
Molecular biology

Mr. Abdul sattar Qureshi
M.Sc., M.Phil Biotechnology

Mr. Muhammed Aqeel Bhutto
M.Sc. Microbiology & M.Phil Biotechnology

Mrs Imrana Khushk
M.Sc. Chemistry

Mrs Safia Bano
M.Sc. Biotechnology

Mrs Najma Lashari
M.Sc. Biotechnology

Mr. Mahadev Malhi
BS Genetics


Institute of Biotechnology and Genetic Enginsseing, University of Sindh

+92 22 9239024