Lao People's Democratic Republic


12 Jun 2023
Tam Pà Ling, a cave in northern Laos, reveals new secrets about our earliest human journeys from Africa through to Australia.
16 Mar 2023
PAXLOVID™ rollout continues with Laos, Malawi, Rwanda and Zambia as international access to oral treatments improves.
14 Apr 2006
Unlikely to infect people; Bird flu, rates, oil pose risks Asia’s growth; Outbreak in Myanmar raises alarm; Viet Nam can’t be over-confident; Restoring wetlands key..; Britain's method questioned; Egypt - 12th case; Indonesia's 33rd case; Thailand 'clean' but spreading; China, markets worry; Bird flu seen unlikely in Japan sparrow deaths
09 Apr 2006
3 bird flu cases confirmed in Burkina Faso; Indonesia bird flu death confirmed; Cat bird flu risks 'overlooked'; Germany confirms bird flu in fowl; Bird Flu reaches UK; Egypt Says Third Person Dies of Bird Flu
24 Mar 2006
Egypt reports 2nd human case; Blame Big Farms; Israel in mass cull; Uganda equipped with machine; Malaysia has 3rd state infected; Study finds two separate strains; Bird flu kills five in Azerbaijan; Big Threat To Biological Diversity - UN ...;China Turns Over Samples to WHO; African Conference Fails to Discuss Human Infection; Pakistan confirms..
16 Mar 2006
India battles bird flu, virus kills Azeri dog; Denmark finds first case of H5; Bird flu threat highlights disaster-planning flaws; Banks told to prepare for bird flu; The Treatment of H5N1 Avian Influenza Report; Animal rights and avian influenza;
15 Mar 2006
Azerbaijan reports 3 deaths; Dutch start voluntary vaccination; Novavax Shares Up; Hungary gets go ahead; Bird Flu Plans Require $30.5 Mln More for 2007; Global avian influenza control project receives US$1 million grant; Generex Biotechnology to Present Its Avian Influenza Vaccine; Cats And Avian Influenza, Defra Urgently Seeking Further ...;
14 Mar 2006
First bird flu case in Afghanistan, Myanmar; Azerbaijan reports three people dead; Bird flu has limited spread impact; Bird Flu Shot Requires 6-Month Production; Bird flu suspected at poultry farm in Germany; SA: show us the money, say govts; IMF warns of economic blow from pandemic; USGS Testing Wild Birds; Airport staff vaccinated;
10 Mar 2006
Africa 'needs fund'; Azerbaijan tests 11 people; Albania culls 2,000..; Norway tests dead ducks; Serbia confirms 1st case; European scare adds cats, dogs; Japan to help; China - 10th Death; Bird Flu Found in Weasel-Like Animal; Bird flu would ravage Asian markets; Poorest forgotten in compensation; Indonesia-Japan venture launches vaccine;
08 Mar 2006
WHO urge studies on cats; Ministers of Black Sea countries meet; Jurong Bird park's birds vaccinated; Foie gras endangered; Poultry faeces likely cause of spread; Dutch postpone vaccination; Israel sends aid to Nigeria; Virus in China Not Infectious; French Consumers Cut Consumption; Hong Kong to Cut Chicken Population; Researchers Make Strides
06 Mar 2006
Bird flu virus 'killed Chinese man'; Deadly bird flu virus spreads to southeast France; First Case in Poland; Bird flu a disaster for poor in Africa; Mela attempts to diffuse bird flu care; Number of cases rises to 11; Questions & Answers; Human Infection With Avian Influenza Viruses; No avian influenza yet reported in Uganda
02 Mar 2006
Pet worries fuel fears; Indonesian Dies; Rs.100,000 for…; African press eyes dangers; World Cup – FIFA; Calls for military labs; Hawaii on front lines; Russia plans mass vaccination; No danger for domestic cats; Lab network proposed; H5N1 in domestic cat in Germany; DA-12 holds forum; Statement From Cats Protection..; situation in Iraq;
01 Mar 2006
Meeting of experts adds urgency; Cat in Germany Has..; All safety measures ensured; More ban French poultry; Sweden reports 1st case; Distrust hurts Nigeria; Trade and Consumption affected..; Turkish areas still under quarantine; Sweden hit; Defra's Message; Govt rules out any human case; Businesses need to plan..; Sweden confirms..;
28 Feb 2006
WHO: Human Bird Flu Cases rise; "Bird flu is here ? don't panic!"; Bird Flu Spreads in Nigeria as Wary Farmers Keep Infected Fowl; WHO lauds India for bird flu measures; Speed key to bird flu battle; Beckett rules out panic bird flu vaccination; Romanian lab rules out bird flu in 21-year-old man; Poultry sector reels under bird flu fears
27 Feb 2006
Bird flu in Switzerland; Factory farms behind spread; Bird flu kills swans in France; Romania suspects man…; A chicken fest…; Outbreak Reported in Russia..; outbreak possible, warns China; India's poultry industry hurt; Indonesia records 20th fatality; Germany confirms three more cases; "Don't confuse human influenza with bird flu"
21 Feb 2006
Indon govt to take steps; India quarantines 6; 3 babies quarantined; Hatcheries, hotel stocks decline; SA: Bird flu ruffles few feathers; Pharma companies gear up to supply drug; Govt dispels doubts; 3 more in Nigerian states; neighbours shut doors; Govt battles poultry companies; Situation in Indonesia; Defra Consults With Ornithological .;
20 Feb 2006
‘MNCs exploiting..; No impact of on Bihar market, Govt alerts officials; Pandemic more likely; Cairo zoo closed; 1 life claimed; Indian style of cooking kills virus; Govt prepared; France on war footing; Germany deploys army island; 130 chickens dead in Qena, Egypt; Mr. Yukol affirms Thailand is under ...
17 Feb 2006
Albanian president touts measures against bird flu; CSL encouraged by small-dose vaccine test; EU launches more measures to fight bird flu; NIGER: Dead birds raise fears; Bird flu hits Slovenia, where in EU next?; Second Iraqi dies; Vietnam to restore poultry industry; US to test child vaccine; Avian influenza confirmed in swans in Hungary ...
16 Feb 2006
Bird flu 'could take 142m lives'; Russia reports new outbreak; UN official urges better strategy to combat bird flu; NIGERIA: International experts deploy to help check bird flu; Iraqi health minister declares alert in southern province; Virulent strain now in Germany; False reports lead to slaughter in Zambia; EU Confirmed Case in Hungary …
15 Feb 2006
Bird flu fears ease for sick children; FACTBOX-Bird flu cases, precautions in Europe; Morocco steps up bird flu checks as migration begins; Romania finds bird flu in fowl near Black Sea port; Italian loses job over bird flu fear, kills family; Real risk of bird flu in Europe: UN; Poultry Farmers in Nigeria Battle Bird Flu …
08 Feb 2006
Possible 3rd Death in Iraq; Bulgaria says don't panic; Chinese less worried; Stocks fall after strain detection; HK bans backyard farms; Software to save lives; US,French Health Agencies Join Forces; Discovery of variations of virus challenging; Inspection in Indonesia; Situation in Iraq, Indonesia; EU-funded Research; TraceTracker Joins Fight;
07 Feb 2006
More Budget Money Sought; A succesful fight; Flu kills fifth bird; WHO probes new Iraq cases; Nigeria 'has no bird flu'; US not ready; Bulgaria closes off lakes; Iraq finds outbreak; Russian Company Completes Vaccine Development; More vaccine for US; Avian Influenza Found in Hong Kong; New Laboratory Assay …; HHS and Institut Pasteur Partner …
06 Feb 2006
WHO teams in Iraq; New Zealanders well-informed risk; Bulgaria to supply Tamiflu; Indonesia's Confirmed Death Toll Increases to 16; WHO confirms Iraq bird flu death; Bird flu risk is high in Ukraine; Flu ruffles fear of chickens; Two More Children Released From Hospital; Getting ready for next pandemic; Disaster preparation just common sense
26 Jan 2006
Mainlander killed; Experts bid to allay fears; China's 8th patient out of quarantine; Algeria denies report of human death; Egypt farmer dumps 10,000 chicks; Japan starts slaughter of 770,000 birds; US team satisfied with Turkey's efforts; US government delegation visits Armenia; International Pledging Conference; Science at the Forefront; H5N1 FAQ
25 Jan 2006
Austria seeks EU crisis stock of drugs; Database Helps Scientists Develop Vaccine; Biosecurity is the answer; Asian states slow to report; May Spread to Russia; Turkey Overcomes; AFGHANISTAN: UN warns of risk; LIVE FOWL TO OFFSET FALTERING SALES; Dutch farmers may reject vaccination; Nepal strengthening control of poultry; FDA Issues Statement
24 Jan 2006
WHO Says Possible Pandemic Not Exaggerated; China announces 10th case; Turkey culls 1.28 mln fowl; IMF: Turkish Economy not affected; Generex to meet with FDA; Europe spooked; US Delegation Praises Turkey; Poverty in ill-fated town; Mutations detected in Turkish sample; Situation in Indonesia; United States Pursues Criminal Charges in Drug Fraud
23 Jan 2006
Algeria steps up measures; Free Chicken Meat Reduces Anxiety; France investigates possible human case; Bird flu hasn't slowed tourists; WHO - two more Indonesians dead; Bird flu may spread faster; Australian academic mocks 'over-reaction'; Hunting Bird Flu; Update from National Coordination Center; Firms at summit are urged to plan for the worst
20 Jan 2006
Indonesia blames bird flu for toddler's death; Sufficient anti-viral stocks by 2007; Indonesia confirms 14th death; $1.9 Billion Collected; Elderberries 'may combat bird flu'; CAST Assesses Potential For Human Pandemic; State reveals plan; Finland prepared; BioCryst life threatening influenza injection fast tracked; Situation in China
19 Jan 2006
Iraq investigating possible bird flu death; STMicro Lab-On-Chip Detects Bird Flu; Fifth child death linked to bird flu; World Leaders Pledge $1.9 Billion; Bird Flu Suspected Child Dies in Mus; China announces 6th human death; Pandemic fear boosts pledges at conference; FAO Warns Europe over spring migrations; Poultry farmers feel impact of bird flu
18 Jan 2006
Turkey fails to stop Bird Flu; EU, Roche increase commitment; Bird flu claims 2nd sibling; Call for global effort; Bird flu could cost insurers $US133 bln; Children Seen at Risk..; Cyprus guards against bird flu, wants more drugs; Drug firm ups WHO donation by 2 million doses; Global conference aims to pool financial resources on curbing bird ...


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