10 Sep 2014
A tiny device produces oscillatory flows that enhance the mixing of viscous fluids for chemical reactions.
Magnetic memories
27 Aug 2014
An investigation into switching characteristics provides new criteria for achieving faster switching of magnetic memories.
27 Aug 2014
An intelligent system that predicts when alarms might be triggered could greatly improve the management of industrial plants.
Magnetic refrigerant
27 Aug 2014
A gadolinium-based material that can be cooled by varying a magnetic field may be useful for cooling low-temperature sensors.
CHP Pilot Plant
26 Aug 2014
A*STAR’s Experimental Power Grid Centre (EPGC), together with Hitachi Ltd and Building and Construction Authority (BCA), have commissioned an advanced Combined Heat and Power (CHP) pilot plant, furthering research in powering cities sustainably
20 Aug 2014
Partnership will enable SMBC customers to tap on A*STAR’s R&D infrastructure and expertise, as Japanese companies turn to Singapore to build capabilities for globalisation
13 Aug 2014
Theoretical simulations reveal how nanoscale lubricating systems can ease friction between surfaces cMain Contentoated with diamond-like carbon
13 Aug 2014
Transparent polymeric films with near-uniform, continuous nanoprotrusions show high water pinning abilities
30 Jul 2014
A new dye-sensitized solar cell absorbs a broad range of visible and infrared wavelengths.
30 Jul 2014
Heat-responsive polymers that do not breakdown in water may lead to new antifouling coatings and enhanced oil recovery.
30 Jul 2014
An electronic payment system developed at A*STAR will protect the privacy of customers recharging their electric vehicles.
30 Jul 2014
A modified anticancer drug can simultaneously target tumour sites and show whether or not it is working.
23 Jul 2014
23 July, Singapore—Four joint laboratories, representing a commitment of S$200m between private and public sectors, were launched today between A*STAR’s Institute of Microelectronics (IME), and its 10 industry partners.
02 Jul 2014
The formation of electrically conducting ‘nanoroads’ on atomically thin semiconductor nanosheets enables the integration of electronic components.
02 Jul 2014
A simple and inexpensive fabrication procedure boosts the light-capturing capabilities of tiny holes carved into silicon wafers.
Nano-optics diagram
02 Jul 2014
An off-center waveguide enables light to be efficiently extracted from nanoscale lasers.
Plasmonics photo
02 Jul 2014
A gas cluster ion beam smoothing produces ultrathin silver films and lithographically patterned structures to enhance plasmonic performance.
19 Jun 2014
A theoretical model for vibrations in laptops provides design strategies for reducing hard drive failures
19 Jun 2014
Microspheres and a tiny pipette are all it takes to image surfaces with a resolution below 100 nanometers
19 Jun 2014
Scheduling algorithms based on game theory can make better use of computational resources to reduce the costs of grid computing
19 Jun 2014
A systematic analysis reveals that cloud storage services have security weaknesses that can inadvertently leak users’ data
18 Jun 2014
Singapore, 18 June 2014 – The Centre for Technology and Social-Behavioural Insights (CTSBI) will tap on high performance computing technology, big data analytics and behavioural sciences to study people-centric issues and human behaviour including how people think, feel and act in different settings.
12 Jun 2014
Scientists at IMRE have invented a new permanent surface coating that attracts water instead of repelling it, for a better, clearer view. The patented technology simplifies the coating process, making it more cost-effective for manufacturers.
Titanium pads
05 Jun 2014
The accurate placement of molecules into gaps between gold nanoantennas enables ultra-high sensitivity molecular detection
A*STAR Signing Ceremony with Hellma
05 Jun 2014
Hellma Analytics, a leading company in optics analysis technologies, partners with A*STAR to advance the pharmaceuticals and specialty chemicals manufacturing.
03 Jun 2014
Singapore, 3 June – A*STAR has inked a Master Research Collaboration Agreement (MRCA) with Japan’s IHI Corporation, which will allow the development of efficient and innovative solutions to benefit the chemical, infocomm and media, manufacturing and biomedical industries in Singapore and across Asia.
Gun drilling
28 May 2014
Singapore, 28 May - SIMTech has pioneered an evaluation, comparison and validation method to produce deep, straight holes in a variety of materials for downhole drill pipes, to enable oil and gas exploration venture into greater depths and harsher environments.
21 May 2014
LION Corporation, one of Japan’s largest multinational companies will be working with A*STAR’s Institute of Materials Research and Engineering (IMRE) to develop safer, anti-odour and anti-bacteria household products that eliminate the use of harmful biocides.
21 May 2014
Singapore, 21 May - A*STAR SIMTech and NUS Faculty of Engineering have launched two joint labs in Natural Fibre Composites and Large Format Machining to boost R&D in manufacturing and support the local industry needs. New scholarships are being provided to develop talent for these labs.
08 May 2014
New catalysts to remove oxygenated compounds from bio-derived oils may lead to better and cheaper renewable biofuels


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Giants in history

Gloria Lim (born 1930) is a retired mycologist from Singapore who studied tropical fungi. Over the course of her career, Lim published 140 research papers, wrote several books on fungi and consulted for private companies and public sectors.