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21 Jun 2019
NYU Abu Dhabi researchers have reported a new way in which the liver is primed to regenerate itself. They found that by stripping parts of the epigenome, which play a primary role in repressing “jumping genes” (i.e. transposable elements), other epigenetic marks were redistributed.
15 Nov 2007
Though the President is attempting to brave the storm, his position is much weakened as he takes hurried measures to redress the prevailing situation. He has refused to give a date for lifting the state of emergency and said it might continue even beyond the elections because of the situation on the terrorism front.
23 Aug 2007
Thérèse Delpech argues that the chances of stopping Iran in its race to acquire the nuclear bomb through diplomacy are slim: too many opportunities have been missed and too much time has been lost.
14 Aug 2007
This book offers an informed analysis of events and situations as they affected Afghanistan between September 2001 and September 2005.
19 Jul 2007
Pakistan is in the grip of a wave of vicious suicidal attacks after religious extremists vowed to avenge the operation on the Lal Masjid/Jamia Hafsa mosque/seminary in Islamabad last week.
28 Jun 2007
Unlike in the Gulf War, the medium for the Coalition's messages in 2003 was not exclusively CNN or the BBC; the Arab world had developed its own TV channels, and their reach and influence were to become an important dynamic in the conflict. The most influential of these were Al-Jazeera, Al-Arabiya, and Abu Dhabi TV.
19 Jun 2007
The author, John Taylor, under secretary of Treasury for International Affairs (2001-2005), was largely responsible for the creation of teams of "financial warriors" -- an international coalition of mostly anonymous experts from state agencies, international financial institutions and private businesses.
06 Jun 2007
This is a book that provides a detailed account of the Islamic Resistance Movement in Palestine -- better known as Hamas -- from a Hamas perspective.
27 Apr 2007
It is well understood in Japan, like in most parts of economically-resurgent Asia, that the oil market would increasingly become a sellers' market. As a major oil consumer, Tokyo realizes the importance of maintaining a tangible presence in the Middle East.
16 Apr 2007
In the twentieth century nationalism has been considered a disintegrative force embraced by peoples who fought for independence from colonial rule. The number of states in the international system grew rapidly as a result, from 50 states in 1900 to about 200. This volume suggests that few new states will form in the next generation.
26 Mar 2007
Iraq: Suicide Bombing as Tactical Means of Asymmetric Warfare, Suicide Bombings: The Case in Chechnya, Suicide Bombings: The Case of Sri Lanka, Suicide Terrorism: The Case of Afghanistan and A New Paradigm of Suicide Attacks: The Palestinian Case
25 Mar 2007
Nearly three-and-a-half decades after Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed Al-Maktoum visited India, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al-Maktoum is scheduled to visit India on March 26
13 Mar 2007
Militia is a word with negative connotations these days and no militia likes to be described as such. In most cases, this term implies a group of armed men behaving like outlaws and conducting its business outside the state's control. This is especially true in relation to the Iraqi political scene.
12 Mar 2007
At a time when the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries are attempting multi-dimensional changes that bear the potential to transform the region and Asia is experiencing a renaissance, there exists an opportunity for synergy to accomplish optimum mutual benefits even beyond the economic realm.
04 Mar 2007
For several years now, suggestions about an Al Qaeda recruitment network in Europe have preoccupied the public and officials alike. More recently, however, a new terminology has emerged in the counter-terrorism dictionary -- 'Iraqi recruitment network in Europe'.
14 Feb 2007
The fact remains that the Afghan case is a test for NATO's credibility. With a 35,000-strong force currently deployed in Afghanistan, the ISAF is attempting to pre-empt a strong Taliban offensive in the coming spring months.
13 Feb 2007
The book suggests that the US agenda in Iraq was about oil, but not about oil in the simple sense many believed. This war (2003) was not an issue of corporate greed but about geopolitical power above all.
11 Feb 2007
Russia is positioning itself as a potential contributor of diplomatic services to stabilize the region. In the process, it is unlikely to challenge the American hegemony in the region, but will strive to serve reminders to the regional countries and the United States that it is capable of plugging several gaps.
05 Feb 2007
This volume provides a compelling analysis of the consequences of the US-led invasion of Iraq. It is a first rate account of the underlying problems of the processes of state building in post-Saddam Iraq.
01 Feb 2007
At some point the GCC States will begin to wonder why they should further engage with a regime that talks about cooperation, but ends up doing nothing to contribute to regional security
22 Jan 2007
Both the US and Iran appear so consumed and focused on each other that they completely disregard the concerns of the states and people in the rest of the Gulf
15 Jan 2007
There are three great powers in the modern world: the power of nation-states, of the international economy and of working people on whom all states, armies and corporations, ultimately depend. Many of the most important events in the modern world take place at the intersection where these three forces collide.
07 Jan 2007
The book of Andrew Kydd is about the role of trust and mistrust in international relations and the Cold War. Its basic assumption is that when states can trust each other, they can live at peace, provided that they are security seekers, uninterested in expansion for its own sake.
29 Dec 2006
About 90 percent of Iraqis feel that the situation in the country was better ahead of the US-led invasion than it is today, according to a poll conducted by the Iraq Centre for Research and Strategic Studies (ICRSS).
12 Dec 2006
Throughout the history of Iraq, the regular army has more than once demonstrated its ability to serve as a national instrument, standing above ethnic, sectarian, and regional affiliations.
10 Dec 2006
The signing of the border agreement between Yemen and Saudi Arabia, in Jeddah, in June 2000, was considered by many to be a milestone in Saudi-Yemen relations, raising expectations on both sides about finally settling territorial disputes and improving security cooperation.
26 Nov 2006
This article tries to shed some light on the possible collaboration between organized criminal groups dealing with drugs, and terrorists, and thereby seeks to explore the linkages between the two global wars – the war on terrorism and the war on drugs.
15 Nov 2006
The current lack of sustained engagement with Iran harms US interests in a critical region of the world...Direct dialogue with Tehran on specific areas of mutual concern should be pursued.
29 Oct 2006
It took three years for the US to seriously consider alternate plans when their main plank fell apart. In planning an alternate approach now, can the US be sure that it has a workable plan or will it wait for another three years to decide if there is yet another way out of the likely mess?
22 Oct 2006
More important than the elections is establishing an electoral culture, and this cannot be fulfilled through spectators. It has to be achieved through actual participation, not necessarily in the highest public domain; it could start at the level of local or municipal councils


29 Oct 2022
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10 Apr 2019
The Future of Payments, Fintech, Identity, Ecommerce and Retail
15 Nov 2006
Political reform has become an integral part of the overall development process being implemented in the Gulf region. The focus of this workshop will be more specifically on the internal and external drivers of change and how each of these are influencing the current and future political reform process in the GCC States.


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