United Arab Emirates


22 Oct 2006
The October issue of GRC's Economic Research Bulletin is focused on the GCC mineral and mining industry
18 Oct 2006
The Arab Gulf has begun to build ties with a diverse group, including the European Union, Turkey, and particularly Asia. By linking the economic interests of these countries and regions to the security of the Gulf, the Arab Gulf is able to build stronger partnership, in addition to establishing a role for itself in the international arena.
15 Oct 2006
North Korea's nuclear test should be seen from a broader perspective: the lack of deterrent mechanisms is encouraging developing countries to pursue their own nuclear programs in order to improve their strategic positions.
11 Oct 2006
Bilateral FTAs can jeopardize multilateral efforts at trade liberalization, as they are about establishing national spheres of influence and shielding them from competition.
10 Oct 2006
Suggestions that Europe is unable to offer concrete solutions to the region's problems indicate a misunderstanding of the actual nature of the challenge. Europe cannot replace the US in the Gulf but it can certainly provide alternatives and incentives where the current US approach falls desperately short.
01 Oct 2006
China is certainly an important portfolio addition, but its growth story is not as impeccable as portrayed usually. By trying to avoid dollar weakness in the US, Gulf investors could be hit by dollar weakness and declining exports in China instead.
24 Sep 2006
The most constructive offer that Iran can make at this stage is not by lending a proactive hand, but by not extending a hand at all. The magic potion that Iraq urgently needs is an immediate end to Iran's interference.
21 Sep 2006
As the US ratcheted up the rhetoric about "Islamic extremism" and the "continuing terrorist threat (still) confronting the nation" while commemorating the fifth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, it is worth noting how Washington invited trouble due to its insensitive policies in the Middle East and shortcomings of its intelligence units.
14 Sep 2006
The Arab countries are surrounded by countries with nuclear capabilities. Israel, Pakistan, India and, sooner or later, Iran. It is in this context that the GCC secretary-general issued a wake-up call to the "Arab Nation" to adopt a new regional strategy on the nuclear issue by abandoning the current zero nuclear option
10 Sep 2006
Oil constitutes more than 90 percent of all transport fuels and 35 percent of the world’s primary energy demand – no doubt, the world economy is addicted to oil and the Gulf countries have what everybody is longing for: They possess a breathtaking 61 percent of worldwide reserves and contribute 30 percent of production.
10 Sep 2006
The main point of departure for this study is that since the 1980s, changes in the international oil market have greatly lessened European dependence on oil supplies from the Gulf. The security of oil supplies became less pressing compared to maintaining stability in the Mediterranean.
04 Sep 2006
Iranian interventionist policy in Iraq has already attained a significant part of its objectives. In fact, despite US forces occupying the country, Iran has more influence over developments in post-Saddam Iraq.
29 Aug 2006
The inability to end the conflict between Hezbollah in Lebanon and Israel for nearly five weeks reflected the diplomatic powerlessness of the entire world – barring the United States and Israel – under the auspices of the United Nations.


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