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18 Sep 2005
A program providing reproductive health education and livelihoods skills training to adolescent girls in India, has shown that such interventions are acceptable to parents, feasible to implement, and exert some positive influence on the girls.
18 Sep 2005
The agreement set a target of 2010 for “securing a constant and significant reduction in the current rate of loss of great ape populations and their habitats; and, by 2015, securing the future of all species and subspecies of great apes in the wild.”
14 Sep 2005
Population Council researchers recently completed studies in Pakistan and Nepal of attitudes and behaviors surrounding violence against women during pregnancy. These investigations were some of the first of their kind in South Asia.
11 Sep 2005
Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) researcher Charles Foley sought--and finally found--his white giraffe.
11 Sep 2005
Population Council researchers have found that exposure to low levels of phthalates can alter the levels of testosterone (the male sex hormone), increase the proliferation of cells in the testes, and significantly accelerate the onset of male puberty.
07 Sep 2005
WCS conservationists are working to minimise human-bear conflict. In this test, the bears could not open the canister, designed to secure food and garbage near campsites and thus reduce the number of human-bear encounters in the process.
31 Aug 2005
Scientists working in an isolated region in Iran, recently discovered that a remote camera set out to survey wildlife had photographed an entire family of extremely rare Asiatic cheetahs.


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