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21 Feb 2020
South Korea's Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST), in collaboration with NASA in the United States, have successfully analyzed the main patterns of atmospheric circulation affecting the Arctic sea ice.
24 Jul 2019
World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF) is now accepting grant applications for research on the links between diet, nutrition (including body composition), physical activity and cancer, as part of its Regular Grant Programme 2019/2020 cycle.
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06 Mar 2019
Protected areas play an important role in sustaining dhole populations in the Western Ghats of Karnataka.
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22 Feb 2019
Search Team Produces First-ever Live Photos and Video of Indonesia’s Extraordinary Lost Bee Species.
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18 Jan 2019
Conservationists look at five human socioeconomic scenarios to better understand fate of endangered big cat.
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17 Oct 2018
YANGON, Myanmar – Working in collaboration with Myanmar’s Department of Fisheries (DoF), WCS has announced the creation of a new protected area for a population of critically endangered Irrawaddy dolphins (Orcaella brevirostris) living in the Ayeyawady River of central Myanmar.
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23 Jun 2017
A first-ever milestone event brought together Cambodian officials and others today to discuss law enforcement options and responses to wildlife trafficking –an increasing threat to the world’s wildlife species.
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30 Mar 2017
Scientists develop new method to accurately count big cats over large landscapes. Authors say new methodology will greatly advance conservation monitoring of tigers and other big cats.
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28 Mar 2017
Mondulkiri (March 28, 2017) - The rescue of 11 Asian Elephants (Elephas maximus) from a mud hole inside the Keo Seima Wildlife Sanctuary, Mondulkiri Province, Cambodia, on 24th March 2017 avoided a tragedy for wildlife conservation in Cambodia.
28 Jul 2016
The Royal Government of Cambodia and Wildlife Conservation Society project to protect internationally important tropical forest.
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09 Jun 2016
Fishing closures established in Indonesia’s shark sanctuary are good for sharks and other fish, but it also means putting restrictions on local community members who fish for a living.
30 Mar 2016
Zoonotic disease danger ever-present as protected species are sold in markets as food.
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18 Feb 2016
- Eight-year study shows tiger population recovering in Thai sanctuary, the only location in Southeast Asia where tigers are confirmed to be increasing in number. - 90 tigers identified - Rigorous study is first ever of long-term tiger population dynamics in SE Asia
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17 Sep 2015
Conservation scientists use an enhanced population survey technique that identifies, for the first time, priority forest protection zones irreplaceable for saving the critically endangered Sumatran rhino. The study identifies small and scattered populations that should be consolidated if they are to become viable.
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19 Aug 2015
The Chief Minister of the Malaysian state of Sarawak has issued a video statement highlighting his intention to protect orangutans in a biodiverse-rich region in Malaysia.
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14 Jul 2015
Wildlife Conservation Society and the Royal Government of Cambodia’s Fisheries Administration announced today that 21 captive-raised southern river terrapins have been released back into their native habitat in southwest Cambodia.
31 Jan 2007
As the world marks this year's World Wetlands Day on February 2, the Director General of WorldFish Center, based in Penang, and the Executive Director of the UN Environment Programme jointly write a piece to create awareness on the plight of wetland fisheries worldwide, as well as mobilize appropriate action.
30 Oct 2006
Many meaningful milestones in the human history were in the form of existentialist struggles marked by violence and wars. Civilizations are built with the blood of warriors and the sweat of the laborers. History shows us that before stability is attained, countless innocent lives are lost and personal and public properties are destroyed.
13 Oct 2006
Research published in the open-access journal BMC Urology shows that early recanalization ― the most frequent cause of vasectomy failure ― is more common than previously thought. It also confirms that certain vasectomy techniques are associated with lower risk of recanalization, and that wider use of these could reduce vasectomy failure rates.
06 Sep 2006
Wearing light solar-powered GPS satellite transmitters, wild swans from Mongolia are winging their way across Eurasia, while land-bound scientists tracking the birds’ journeys on computers say that these unique studies will shed light on how wild birds may be involved in the spread of avian influenza.
05 Jul 2006
"Bridging the Gap: Engaging a New Generation in the Southern Philippines in Inter-Ethnic Dialogue and Conflict Resolution". "The Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao and Majority-Minority Relations in the Southern Philippines: Religion, Education, Community and Political Process."
25 May 2006
This is an international youth exchange project on inter-ethnic dialogue and conflict resolution for Muslim, Christian and indigenous cultures in the southern Philippines.
25 May 2006
A capacity building institute and study tour for government, NGO, religious and women leaders from the Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao, funded by U.S. Department of State.
26 Jan 2006
WCS has just released “State of the Wild” a 300-plus-page compendium of wildlife facts, figures and issues affecting the survival of wild species worldwide.
07 Jan 2006
Madagascar has just added 1 million hectares to its protected area network, helping to protect the island's forests and the animals that live there (lemurs, geckos, etc.). This is part of the country's larger goal to set aside more than 10 percent of the Madagascar's wild lands in protected areas.
03 Nov 2005
WCS has played a key role in the vaccine currently being developed for avian flu, using birds our vets recently sampled in Mongolia. Drs. Billy Karesh (expedition leader to Mongolia in August) and Bob Cook are available for interviews on this breakthrough
26 Oct 2005
Scientists from the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) and their Russian colleagues from the Russian Far East recently fitted three wild 40-day-old Siberian tiger cubs with tiny radio-collars, marking the youngest wild tigers to be tracked by scientists
12 Oct 2005
New book from WCS and IUCN looks at today’s Africa, and how and where wildlife conservation can be a ‘win win’ land use of choice.
21 Sep 2005
Older adults in Cambodia have survived decades of political and social volatility including civil war and genocide. This analysis looks at a basic measure of health among a population that until recently has been isolated from the rest of the world.
18 Sep 2005
A program providing reproductive health education and livelihoods skills training to adolescent girls in India, has shown that such interventions are acceptable to parents, feasible to implement, and exert some positive influence on the girls.


16 May 2017
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