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A special issue of Horizon Journal of Humanities & Social Sciences Research (JHSSR Vol.4 (S) Oct. 20212) is now published. This issue includes papers on the Covid-19 pandemic, developments in business and digital practices, changes in social media behavior in South Asia.

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I am pleased to announce that a Special Edition, OCT 2022 of the Journal of Humanities & Social Sciences Research, Vol. 4 (S) Oct. 2022 has been published ahead of time on 15 Sept 2022 and is now live at the Journal’s webpage. Explore this Issue

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Pandemic Induced Neo Business Practices: Evidences from South Asia

Rabi Subudhi, Senior Professor and Nayan Kanwal, Professor




Due Diligence for the Protection of Platform Workers in Malaysia: A Human Rights Analysis

Maheran Makhtar, Zuhairah Ariff Abd Ghadas and Mahbubul Haque



Digital Consumption Pattern and its Impact on Society: A Study on Semi-Urban Society of Odisha, India

Rabi Narayan Subudhi and Smruti Malhar Mahapatro


Reducing Income Inequality: India’s Challenges and Prospects

Satya Narayan Misra


Social Media Habits of Rural Consumers Influencing Online Consumption

Koppala Venugopal and Saumendra Das


Effects of Firm-Level Determinants on Export Performance of SMEs in Bangladesh

Omar Faruk and Rabi Narayan Subudhi


Information Processing Style and E-commerce Website design: A Clustering-based Conjoint Approach

Piyusa Das, Brajaballav Kar and Satya Narayan Misra


Retail Format Choice for Smartphone Purchase: Online Versus Offline

Lingam Naveen, Aishwarya Mohanty, Smruti Malhar Mahapatro and Rabi Narayan Subudhi


Worry and Media Use Behavior during COVID-19 Pandemic

Brajaballav Kar, Shreyan Kar and Nilamadhab Kar


Intricacies between Organised and Unorganised Sellers during Covid Pandemic

Koppala Venugopal



A Predator in a Quagmire: Anupam Bharat

Ratnakar Mishra


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