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glacier and marine snow
07 Feb 2024
Yokohama National University scientists are working towards creating a better tomorrow by addressing diverse challenges, from snow algae and tropical cyclones to AI cyberthreats, and much more.
01 Aug 2023
Cache side-channel attacks exploit vulnerabilities in computer operating systems and are notoriously difficult to counter. Now, a group of international researchers has a new and highly efficient cipher for cache randomization that helps strengthen computer security against these attacks
20 Aug 2021
Scientists create a new process control model to protect systems from assailants and natural fluctuations
04 May 2021
New algorithms are much better at estimating the security level of encrypted data.


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photo of Maria Ramila Jimenez
I am a faculty and the chair of the Department of Information Technology, College of Computer Studies Xavier University Ateneo de Cagayan. I am into security, networking, robotics, authentic assessment, technology and innovation.

Giants in history

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