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07 Nov 2023
Microscopes usually use backscattered radiation to create images, but a research group from the Institute of Industrial Science, The University of Tokyo, is developing an all-new method to study materials using the faint light they emit, generated by heat
28 Apr 2022
Lithium-ion batteries power our everyday products, from laptops to vehicles, because of their safety, longevity, and charging speeds. Yet their production relies on rare metals such as cobalt and nickel. Now, a research group has unearthed a potential method for incorporating more common and cheaper elements as synthesizing electrode materials.
29 Oct 2021
Scientists demonstrate that diluting high concentration electrolytes can improve the cycling abilities of lithium metal batteries over a wide range of temperatures
25 Oct 2021
Scientists design a novel thermoelectrochemical cell that efficiently converts waste heat into electricity for low-power devices
24 Aug 2021
Researchers have succeeded in storing electricity with the voltage generated from ferromagnetic resonance (FMR) using a nanometer-thin magnetic film. Exploring the storage characteristics of the commonly used iron-cobalt and iron-nickel alloy thin films, they found that by controlling the thermal conditions of the thin film to be within FMR excitation range, energy can be stored by all the electromagnetic waves that surround us – including Wi-Fi.
14 Jul 2021
Scientists develop a 3D-printed pressure sensor embedded with a temperature sensor from conductive carbon-based composites.
16 May 2019
DGIST agreed on Energy Research Cooperation with CNR-ITAE in Italy. Held a joint symposium on the latest energy research. Agreed to share research performance and conduct joint research in new and renewable energy materials.
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19 Mar 2019
A novel solar panel tracer is faster, less expensive and more accurate than conventional devices.
Perovskite Solar Panels
20 Feb 2019
Scientists are investigating the potential of non-toxic materials to replace lead in perovskite solar cells.
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05 Feb 2018
Innovative diode design uses ultrafast quantum tunneling to harvest infrared energy from the environment.
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21 Dec 2017
Call for Abstracts - Abstract Deadline: January 20, 2018 (Extended). Manuscript Deadline: May 15, 2018
(a) In conventional semiconductors, electrons flow from the hot to the cold side with low mobility caused by ionized impurity. (b) In the newly developed semiconductor without the impurity, 2DEG can flow with high mobility.
20 Nov 2017
Novel approach utilizes high mobility two-dimensional electron gas, boosting thermoelectric conversion efficiency.
15 Nov 2017
A mild post-fabrication doping approach can boost the solar conversion of quantum dot-based photovoltaic cells.
A kite that might fly
16 Oct 2017
Wind turbines suspended high in the sky have potential as an alternative power source for Saudi Arabia.
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28 Sep 2017
Asia Power Week Conference & Exhibition Draws over 8,500 Industry Professionals from across Asia 
Semitransparent and Flexible - Solar Cells made from atomically thin sheet
25 Sep 2017
A new method for fabricating semitransperant, flexible solar cells has greatly improved power conversion efficiency.
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22 Sep 2017
Rethinking Energy; Navigating Change at the 10th edition of Singapore International Energy Week
A simple additive to improve film quality
18 Sep 2017
Simple chemicals called glycol ethers help make better perovskite thin films for solar cells.
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12 Sep 2017
Press Briefing on September 19, 2017, 11.30 to 13.00, hosted by ABB at Amber 4, Bangkok International Trade & Exhibition Centre (BITEC) 
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31 Aug 2017
Experts to Address Challenges and Find Solutions that will Shape the Way to Thailand 4.0 Plan
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07 Aug 2017
Singapore International Energy Week (SIEW 2017) will be held from October 23-27, 2017 at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore
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17 Jul 2017
19 to‐21 September 2017 - Bangkok International Trade & Exhibition Centre (BITEC), Bangkok, Thailand
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04 Jul 2017
Registration opens for the 10th Singapore International Energy Week
15 Jun 2017
Bringing renewable power ‘by wire’ from western China to its power-hungry Eastern cities could have benefits for both local air quality and global climate change, new research has found.
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14 Jun 2017
19 ‐ 21 September 2017, BITEC Exhibition Centre, Bangkok, Thailand
09 Jun 2017
South Korea's Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST) has signed a memorandum of understanding with the German-based Forschungszentrum Jülich to develop fundamental technologies that enable next-generation energy power generation.
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19 May 2017
A Korean research team has developed semi-transparent perovskite solar cells that could be great candidates for solar windows.
24 Apr 2017
A new study, affiliated with South Korea's Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST), introduced a new battery charging technology that uses light to charge batteries.


17 Apr 2023 to 20 Apr 2023
To achieve Net Zero, the governments of the UK and Singapore are targeting ambitious carbon reduction goals, and electromobility has emerged as a key strategy. Now, Newcastle University (UK) and ERI@N (Singapore) are jointly hosting an international event, known as the Electromobility symposium, in Singapore to debate and discuss experiences in implementing land transport electrification in Singapore and the UK, evaluate policy landscapes, and identify successes and obstacles to inform future strategies.


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