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Bangkok, Thailand - Entech Pollutec Asia is an International Exhibition of Environmental Protection and Pollution Control Technology.

Global warming, fossil-fuel pollution, diminishing oil reserves, soaring energy prices... hardly a day goes by without something in the news about these major international problems.

How does this affect you and your business? Look at it this way; something generating this much attention only underlines its importance. That's why whole governments are now obliged to address these issues.

So if your business touches any of these areas. Why not tell the world? Because the world is looking for answers.

The Thailand Board of Investment (BOI) is currently introducing special incentives to encourage businesses to invest in Thai environmental programs. Company income taxes will be cut for 70% of investment in pollution control for up to three years. And exemption of import tax on machinery and equipment is another plus.

The Thai government has earmarked several industrial sectors that need immediate help. One is the Maptaphut industrial estate which is set to spend around four billion baht on pollution control equipment and programs.

Other South East Asian countries are also rising to meet environmental challenges. The Malaysian government has allocated US$1.5 billion for water resource development and US$283 million is presently earmarked for sewage repair and construction.

Vietnam faces a combination of problems covering air and water pollution as well as solid waste. The rapid urbanisation and acceleration of industry has exacerbated the situation and well over US$100 million is allocated to deal with the problem. Estimated 2006 expenditure was around US$180 million.

The environmental market in the Philippines is estimated to be in the vicinity of US$700 million and covers all areas including air, water- supply and sanitation, plus sewerage and hazardous waste disposal.

Other South East Asian countries in need of assistance include Cambodia, Indonesia and Singapore. The Environment and Water Industry Development Council recently announced that 22 projects will receive funding of SG$18 million under the Environment and Water Research Programme (EWRP). They comprise 17 research projects from public sector and 5 projects from private sector. The grants range from SG$100,000 to SG$1.9 million over a period of one to three years.

Concurrently, Renewable Energy Asia 2008 is also taking place in the same venue.

Over the past 15 years the Thai government has strongly promoted Renewable Energy technology in all its forms. 2011 has been set as the target date for ensuring that 8% of the nation's energy production is derived from these sources. This presents tremendous opportunities for all businesses associated with these areas.

Green power is the future and whether you're involved in biomass, ethanol, wind, hydro or solar power, now is the time to capitalise on the many government-mandated programs being implemented in Thailand.

Renewable Energy is also taking off in a big way in other South East Asian countries. Hydro-power already provides over 50% of Vietnamz's local electric capacity and that percentage is growing year by year. It is estimated that over US$20 million in investment is needed.

In the Philippines it is projected that renewable energy sources will contribute around 24% of the total energy mix by 2025. An energy independence program was introduced in 2004. This covers the development, utilization and commercial harnessing of renewable energy sources including biomass, solar, wind and ocean resources.
Malaysia too is not being left behind. The government is intensifying development of many renewable energy programs - especially biomass which it wants to establish as the 'fifth fuel'. Solar power is also a top priority as Malaysia has very high radiation by world standards.

Private sector investment in Cambodia is a strong emerging market opportunity. Private companies have already invested up to US$20 million in rural areas through the Renewable Energy Action Plan. Solar power, hydro power and biomass are all strong investments with enormous opportunities for entrepreneurs.

Renewable Energy Asia 2008 is the place to make contact with important government officials and leading businesses.

Conference during 2008 exhibitions

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From 04 Jun 2008
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