Infrastructure Australia

Melbourne, Australia - The Infrastructure Australia Exhibition will provide a platform for exhibitors to showcase their products and services and bring together leading projects from Australia that deal with Infrastructure in some shape or form.

The Victorian Government’s investment of about $20 billion into Infrastructure and major
projects is clearly indicative of the commitment and initiatives, which are in place to ensure the growth of a strong economy for Victoria along with the higher standard of living for all Victorians.

The Government has and is continuing to invest in Victoria’s future in the way of various
Infrastructure and major projects such as the building of hospitals and schools, newer roads and railways projects, creating new science and technology facilities along with new water projects and major cultural and sporting centers across the state.


> Why Visit?

* Experience one the most important trade show in the industry
* View live demonstrations and product launches
* Meet key players in the industry
* Attend seminars and workshops
* Source products & services for your upcoming projects
* Keep yourself updated with latest in technology and services
* Evaluate Products & Suppliers
* To network & develop key contacts
* Obtain technical knowledge
* Discuss your business requirement

> Who should visit?

* Architecture
* Civil Engineering
* Construction
* Contracting
* Facility Management
* Project Management
* Councils/Government
* Civil Services
* Public & Municipal Works
* Town & Urban Planning
* Road & Park Authorities
* Rail Authorities
* Port Authorities
* Property Development
* Waste Management
* Dealers/Distributors & Importers

Suite 1111, 1 Queens Road, Melbourne,
VIC 3004 Australia
Ph : (03) 9863 9288 Fax : (03) 9863 9268

From 13 Aug 2008
Until 15 Aug 2008
Melbourne, Australia
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