Asia-Pacific and Europe Media Dialogue 2009

The 3rd Asia-Pacific and Europe Media Dialogue will be held at the Royal Tropical Institute in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, on 9th and 10th of November 2009.

09.11.09 - 10.11.09, Amsterdam, Netherlands

The conference theme is: "A new agenda for media".

To build on the successes of the 1st and 2nd Asia-Pacific and Europe Media Dialogue, we are engaging more broadcasters and other stakeholders of the electronic media industry in promoting better understanding of media issues and enhancing interaction through the 3rd Asia-Pacific and Europe Media Dialogue, co-organised by Radio Netherlands Worldwide and the AIBD at the Royal Tropical Institute in Amsterdam from 9 to 10 November 2009.

A wide variety of relevant issues will be discussed during the Media Dialogue. How do we balance press freedom and press responsibility and accountability? Has media done enough to pursue responsible practices in various levels of its operation? In reporting conflicts Media, unwittingly and, at times deliberately, add fuel to fire. How can the potential for social dialogue inherent in media be harnessed to reduce cultural conflicts? Can media help in reconciliation? Can media play a role in preventing disasters? Can media help to slow down climate change? Is it enough to report the findings of scientists and international experts? How can media withstand the economic downturn? Can content sharing and co-production help the bottom line? How can mainstream media exploit the new level of citizens’ participation in media that is facilitated by the new media? As citizens everywhere are becoming active and important participants in the creation and dissemination of news and information, how is this transforming newsrooms and redefining journalism?

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From 09 Nov 2010
Until 10 Nov 2010
Amsterdam, Netherlands
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