CDB Symposium 2010

"Frontiers in Organogenesis"

The RIKEN Center for Developmental Biology (CDB) was established in April 2000 in Kobe, Japan to promote research into the fundamental mechanisms of animal development and regeneration. To keep pace with advances and identify future directions in these rapidly evolving fields, the CDB inaugurated a program of annual symposia in 2003 covering diverse aspects of developmental biology and regeneration, and aimed at promoting the free and timely exchange of research achievements.

The three-day 2010 symposium is entitled "Frontiers in Organogenesis" and will bring together leading scientists in this field from Japan and around the world. We believe that holding an intensive symposium on organogenesis featuring talks by eminent scientists will be both timely and meaningful, as the focus of this field is rapidly shifting from conventional differentiation controls to more complex and dynamic mechanisms of tissue formation.

In this symposium we explore:

* Temporal-spatial patterning in organogenesis
* Inductive signals and cellular dynamics
* Mechanical interactions in histogenesis
* Growth control and shaping
* Emerging techniques for imaging and measurements
* Regenerative organogenesis
* Evolutionary modulation of organogenesis

By facilitating communication between the leaders in these fields and promising younger scientists at a collegial forum, we hope to create a unique atmosphere that provides a comprehensive perspective on the current knowledge of the dynamics or organogenesis, leading to the generation of fresh perspectives and interactions.

We encourage the submission of abstracts for the poster session from many scientists to increase opportunities for lively and informative exchange of views. A limited number of travel fellowships for graduate students and post-docs traveling to Japan are available. Due to the size of the venue, the number of participants will be limited to approximately 150 persons.

We look forward to welcoming you to Kobe and the RIKEN Center for Developmental Biology in the spring, one of the most beautiful times of the year, to enjoy together the complex and mysterious world of organogenesis.

Masatoshi Takeichi, Ph.D.
RIKEN Center for Developmental Biology (CDB)

Organizing Committee for the CDB Symposium 2010:

Harvard Medical School
Cliff Tabin
RIKEN Center for Developmental Biology
Shigeru Kuratani
RIKEN Center for Developmental Biology
Yoshiki Sasai

From 23 Mar 2010
Until 25 Mar 2010
RIKEN Centre for Development Biology, Kobe
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