8th Asian Urbanisation Conference

This International conference will address issues on the rapid urbanisation in Asia including Urban development and process, Land use change, Urban regeneration, Population, Sustainable cities, World city development, Globalising cities in Asia

Contact persons:

Shii Okuno
Email: [email protected]
Tel: +81(0)78-796-4131
Fax: +81(0)78-794-3054
Address: Faculty of Information Science,
University of Marketing and Distribution Sciences,
Gakuen-nishimachi 3-1,
Nishi-ku, Kobe,
Japan 651-2188.

Toshio Mizuuchi
Osaka City University
Email: [email protected]
Tel./Fax +81(0)6-6605-2406

Themes of the conference are

Theoretical or empirical studies on urban form and process, population change or migration, production or consumption, market or commercial system, quality of life, rural-urban relationships or disparities, social injustice, urban culture, urban governance, sustainable development, city marketing, application of geographic information system, of Asian region, or international comparison on urbanization, which contribute to the understanding of the characteristics and complexities of Asian urbanization.

Aug. 20(Sat.) 10:00 Registration at Seishin Oriental Hotel
13:00 Half-day field trip to Kobe (from hotel)
19:00 Welcome party

Aug. 21(Sun.) Registration at UMDS
9:00 Paper Sessions

Aug. 22(Mon.) Registration at UMDS
9:00 Paper Sessions
13:00: Field trip to Osaka (from hotel)

Aug. 23(Tues.) 8:00 One-day field trip to Kyoto (from hotel)
Aug. 24(Wed.) 9:00 Optional field-trip to Tokyo (from hotel)
Aug.25(Thurs.) Tokyo
Aug.26(Fri.) Tokyo, noon.

Field Trips and Themes

Kobe (Afternoon of Aug. 20, N. Oshiro & M. Kato)
The Kobe trip includes a visit to city planning office to find out the facts of earthquake recovery plan, major development and redevelopment projects, the former coastal Treaty area, and Chinatown (Nanking-machi). Additional charge is not necessary.

Osaka (Afternoon of Aug. 22, K. Nagao)
The Osaka trip includes visits to Osaka Housing Museum, Tenjinbashi Shotengai (the longest commercial street), and Mebic Ogimachi (business incubator). An additional charge (Yen 600) for admission to the Housing Museum, and the transportation costs (Yen 2,000 approximately) have to be paid by each participant.

Kyoto (Whole day of Aug. 23, Y. Fujitsuka)
The Kyoto trip provides a visit to Kyoto Research Park, Kyoto Cultural center on Machiya (traditional houses), Nishijin Kimono Center, and a traditional shopping street. Additional charge is not necessary, but the participants have to pay their own transportation costs estimated to be Yen 3,000 approximately.

Tokyo (Option with additional charge, Aug.24-Aug.26, M. Kanno)
The Tokyo trip is optional, estimated to be Japanese Yen 29,000 including a two-night stay at Tokyo, meals and local public transportation, but excluding the shinkansen fare of Yen 14,000 for a single trip from Shin-Kobe to Tokyo, and double for a return trip. The hotel charge of Yen 17,000 for two-night stay will be collected during registration. The program in Tokyo includes visits to the Imperial Palace, the CBD, garden city and new town, new urban development, and some ethnic districts.

From 20 Aug 2005
Until 23 Aug 2005
Kobe, Japan
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