2019/20 eMpowering Youths Across ASEAN Programme

Calling all young changemakers across ASEAN!

eMpowering Youths Across ASEAN (EYAA) Programme is back and we are inviting you to grab the opportunity and join our second cohort (2019-2020) of change-makers in making positive, lasting impact in communities in the region by immersing yourselves in social volunteering and community investment projects throughout the selected ASEAN Region.

Seize the chance of a lifetime to meet other inspiring youths in the Annual EYAA Regional Workshop by exclusively invited panels of experts from all over the world where you will learn to ideate and plan your project while working together with local civil society organisations (CSOs) and social enterprises (SEs) of your choice in Bangkok, Thailand!

What’s more? Total funding of USD 200 K (up to USD 20 K per project) to help you implement community projects in ten community sites in Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines will be made available too!


CALL FOR APPLICATIONS: 10 September – 30 November 2019


SELECTION PROCESS: 1 December 2019 – 25 January 2020


INVITATION: 27 January – 3 February 2020





Submit proposal and for further enquiries to: [email protected]



The eMpowering Youths Across ASEAN (EYAA) is a partnership programme between Maybank Foundation and ASEAN Foundation that aims to alleviate poverty and improve the social and economic well-being of ASEAN communities through youth volunteerism and social innovation.

The programme encourages youth from all 10 ASEAN member states to leverage their experiences, knowledge and put their project ideas into action and create meaningful change for the local community in the Southeast Asian region. The programme aims to build the capacity of youth in ASEAN region by providing them with mentorship, regional leadership training, and overseas local community projects. The EYAA programme is supporting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), ASEAN Sociocultural Community Blueprints 2025 and the ASEAN Work Plan on Youth 2016- 2020.

Prior to departure, the selected youth and CSO representatives will participate in a one- week intensive capacity building and orientation workshop to equip the youth volunteers with the required knowledge and skills and to help them make a detailed plan for their two- week community projects. The partner organisation/institution will attend the workshop to help the youth groups with the detailed planning of their upcoming community projects.


In 2019, 100 youth change-makers were selected from a total of 2,650 applications across 10 ASEAN countries. The selected youth participants were grouped together with 9 other participants from different ASEAN countries and each group were paired with an overseas Civil Society Organizations (CSOs)/ Social Enterprises (SEs) to design the two-week community project in the thematic areas of Community Empowerment, Arts and Culture, Environmental Diversity and Education. The community projects were implemented in 10 community sites in Malaysia, Indonesia and Cambodia, supported by a total of USD 200,000 project grants.

The 10 projects were implemented by the local CSOs and SEs as follows

Overall, in 2019, the programme impacted 17,827 individuals through the local community projects. In total, 100 Dye trees and 1016 Mangrove seeds were planted, over 9.200 kg of food waste were collected, 47 teachers were equipped with new teaching tools, a new training centre for youth were constructed and 5 permanent water filters were built.

This programme also was endorsed by the ASEAN Senior Official Meeting on Youth (SOMY) in June 2019 and contributed to the ASEAN Work Plan on Youth 2016 – 2020.


The programme aims to make a sustained and positive impact on ASEAN youth empowerment and ASEAN community building efforts. More specifically, this programme has the objectives to:

To promote volunteerism, social innovation, and awareness of ASEAN
To create an alternative career path for youths
To raise the awareness among ASEAN youths on social causes
To improve social and economic well-being of ASEAN communities through social


This programme is eligible for anyone who fulfil these criteria.

a. Age of 19-35 years old by applicant’s next birthday (2020)
b. Citizens of ASEAN Member States
c. Fluency in English, as mentoring, trainings, and general communication during the
programme will be fully conducted in English, participants are required to be able to
have verbal and written fluency in English.
d. Full commitment themselves to one-week regional training from 2 to 9 March 2020
and two weeks overseas volunteering project on from 1 to 17 April 2020

If you are shortlisted to go through to the next process, please submit the following documents:

a. A letter of permission from your employer to take part in the eMpowering Youth Across
b. A letter of Commitment which states that participants fully committed to taking part in the
Medical Certificate that proof the participant is fit, and travel insurance.


Each accepted participant will be grouped with 9 other accepted participants from the same country of origin and each group will be paired with an overseas partner Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) or Social Enterprises (SEs). Prior to the overseas project, groups will go through an online learning series and regional training in Bangkok, Thailand (March, 2020). Overseas local community project will be located in Indonesia, Malaysia, Cambodia, and the Philippines.

Below are the possible focuses which the CSOs might be working on.

Community Empowerment: Structural improvement, livelihood, financial literacy, entrepreneurship and skills training
Arts and Culture: Arts and handicraft project, weaving, theatre and art mentor, teaching music, dance and drama for youth
Environmental Diversity: Agricultural business development, organic farmer, support farmers in rural villages, and conservation projects.
Education: Project that boost the elementary school student’s literacy and numeracy, skills training for teachers, work with special needs children, teaching English for youth.


To apply for this programme, those who are interested are required to apply online on
http://bit.ly/EYAAYouth by 30 November 2019 the latest.


The ASEAN Foundation will review your applications and will contact you should you are accepted. Shortlisted candidates will be asked to submit the following documents:

  • Letter of consent from their employers/institution/university and
  • Medical statement (participants mostly will be working in rural areas, they should be able to show that they are in a fit condition to complete the project)
  • Proof of health and life insurance during the 1-week regional leadership training and capacity building, also during the 2 weeks volunteering project


Accepted participants will receive:

a. A fully-funded orientation and capacity building prior departure to the community project.

b. Return flight ticket from home country to the volunteer location

c. Meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner), and local transport

A grant to implement the two weeks overseas local community project1

The programme organisers will not cover the following:

a. Local transport from the participants' home to the airport

b. Travel insurance of the participants

c. Health insurance of the participants

d. Any other expenses not directly related to the programme


For further inquiries please contact ASEAN Foundation by email on

[email protected]

1 A group of 10 volunteers will manage the grant for community project under the supervision of the ASEAN Foundation and Maybank Foundation.

Application deadline: 
29 Nov 2019