21648 - Research Associate in Prof Ashok's Lab

Are you a biomedical researcher motivated to pursue an outstanding career in cancer research with a focus on organoid research? Cancer will affect more than 1 in 3 Singaporeans. At the Cancer Science Institute (CSI), our mission is to be at the global forefront of research to overcome this scourge. Our innovative international faculty, cutting-edge facilities, supportive working environment and competitive package together enable each of our staff to realize their maximum potential. We now seek a Research Assistant/ Associate to join the team of Prof. Ashok Venkitaraman. This is an exciting opportunity to work closely with a world-leading cancer researcher to undertake pioneering research on the role of genome instability in human carcinogenesis (eg., see Venkitaraman Science (2014) PMID:24675954 and Venkitaraman DNA Repair (2019) PMID:31337537).

The prospective candidate's job scope will be to handle biochemical, biophysical and structural experiments with regards to BRCA2 structure and function. She/he will be involved in protein expression, protein purification, affinity measurements and various other biophysical tools. She/he might also support other researchers in the group with structural determination efforts using cryoEM. She/he will not need to be familiar with all the techniques involved, but is expected to have experience with structural biology and protein synthesis.


Lab Management:

maintain up to date records of inventories for chemical/ biological reagents

assist when required with procurement

ensure tidiness and cleanliness of the lab is maintained


  • University degree in a relevant field

    Some experience working with structural biology and protein synthesis.

    Ability to speak and write clearly in English

    Minimum 2 to 3 years work experience in a molecular biology lab.

    Basic knowledge on

  • Basic principles and practices in the fields of structural biology.
  • Methods of scientific research and relevant scientific theories.
  • General rules for safe exposure and handling of chemical and biological hazards
  • Work cooperatively and effectively with others

    Ability to:

  • Perform laboratory tests in an efficient and timely manner
How to apply: 

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Full time
17 Aug 2023